Day of solidarity now less solid

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Last updated on June 15th, 2017 at 02:58 pm

The Financial Times reports:

The world economy has moved into a higher gear over the past decade with productivity growth almost doubling compared with the previous five years.

Rapid growth of output per employee in China and India, combined with improved productivity growth in north America, eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa drove the world economy forward, according to a report published today by the Conference Board, a global business organisation.

Only in Europe and Latin America has productivity growth slowed.

The hard-working French are doing their best to correct this trend:

A French government plan to scrap an annual springtime holiday in favor of a “Day of Solidarity” with the elderly seemed like a good idea when the law was passed — and the extra work day was far in the future.

But the end to a coveted day off — which would normally fall on Monday — has not gone down well among the leisure-loving French, and now a spectrum of workers across the country was preparing to stay off the job to protest the decision.

The national “Day of Solidarity” — an extra work day in place of the annual Pentecost holiday — was part of the government’s response to a 2003 heat wave that killed 15,000 people, mostly elderly.

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