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According to the Age, former Guantanomass David Hicks is still held without trial:
Click on through and you get this:

On January 11 2002, David Hicks was transferred under US military guard from Afghanistan to the US naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

He was one of hundreds of foreigners detained by the US during its “war” on terror.

Five years on, Hicks remains in detention. The US military is still attempting to charge and try him for war crimes, but have faced several legal hurdles.

Love those scare quotes; it isn’t a war? Hicks – beloved by the media, but shunned by theatre audiences – confessed to being a terrorism fanboi at his trial back in March, and has since been held in Australia. In other local media developments:

Fairfax newspapers, the Seven Network and The West Australian claimed last week a group of local enthusiasts had discovered the wreck of the Sydney, which went down in November 1941 with all 645 crew.

But inquiries by The Weekend Australian raised questions about the group’s claim that the Sydney rests in 130m of water 20 nautical miles off the island …

Last night, British-based marine salvage expert David Mearns—who is expected to lead a federal and state government-backed search for the Sydney early next year—said it was a lesson to all.

“To be blunt, they didn’t know what they were doing,” he said from Italy. “They made a grave mistake both at sea and in how they dealt with it in the media.

“It serves as a lesson to everybody—including journalists—that these things should bedone in a proper and professional way.

“I heard it ended up on the front page of a broadsheet (The Sydney Morning Herald) and I find it amazing they don’t check their facts properly, or try to contact experts to get a balanced opinion or verify something as important as this.

“I’m sure the editors will have a lot of egg on their faces today.”

They’re used to it.

(Via Dan Lewis)

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