Cultural sensitivities offended

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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 02:48 pm

Canada has banned (during family viewing hours) Australia’s “where the bloody hell are you” tourism campaign … because of the word “hell”.

Maybe we should change it to “halal”. Wouldn’t dare object to that, would they?

UPDATE. More Canadian regulation problems:

“We now have the Canadian authorities not wanting us to use the opening segment of `I’ve bought you a beer’,” Ms Bailey said in Melbourne …

Ms Bailey clarified that it was not beer consumption itself that was causing the problem for the Canadians but the fact the beer was unbranded.

“That’s some sort of quirky Canadian regulation,” she said.

Let’s hope the ad doesn’t mention margarine. Miss Bingle seems to have caught on with viewers:

Merrill said Zoo Weekly magazine polled its readers to find out who they would like to see on the cover of the magazine.

Some 81 per cent voted for Bingle, compared to 21 per cent of votes for Jessica Alba, 11 per cent for Carmen Electra and five per cent for Sophie Monk.

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