Culmination of all humans v taylor, d.

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Margo Kingston’s Webdiary has missed Robert Bosler’s excellent contributions; he’s been mostly silent ever since Mark Latham’s panco attack. Recently Andrew Stretton (“I am an introverted thinker, intensely focused, with a deeply passionate desire to ‘open up’ the societal mind to fresh perspectives�?) has stepped forward to fill the crucial Bosler role; indeed, the role of all humankind:

I am the culmination of all those who have been before. I carry within me their experience, their knowledge. I have inherited tiredness from their battle and a quiet desperation deep inside, one that taunts me with the possibility that all they achieved was a deferral, a ‘putting off’ for another day, that which we will ignorantly stumble towards.

Andrew’s post drew a reponse from Darlene Taylor, which has apparently led to a complaint by Stretton to the … Sex Discrimination Commissioner!

Developments are awaited.

Posted by Tim B. on 02/21/2005 at 07:42 PM
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