Credit captured

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Kofi Annan wants to capture a moment that, had it been up to him, would never have been available:

The success of the Jan. 30 elections in Iraq has created an exciting moment of opportunity. It matters greatly that Iraq’s transition is a success. I am determined to make certain that the United Nations will play its full part in helping the Iraqi people achieve that end …

Precisely because the United Nations did not agree on some earlier actions in Iraq, it now has much-needed credibility with and access to Iraqi groups that must agree to join in the new political process if peace is to prevail. Now is the time for us to draw on that capital.

I want to capture this moment, and I encourage the international community to come together around Iraq through the United Nations.

The credit-claiming fraud.

Posted by Tim B. on 02/12/2005 at 11:54 PM
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