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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 02:56 pm

SMH online, Sunday morning:

Teachers and principals are taking sick leave, seeking stress counselling and even resigning in the face of widespread bullying by parents.

SMH online, Sunday afternoon:

Bullying of teachers by parents is an extremely rare occurrence despite reports to the contrary, the teachers’ union says.

So teachers aren’t being Muntzed after all. Seems kind of obvious; when would sufficient parents have enough time to mount a bullying program large enough to be described as “widespread”? Next up, the Mysterious Case of the Twice-Found Witnesses …

Declan Walsh (with fellow reporter Farah Stockman) in the Boston GlobeJune 18:

The US government routinely failed to give detainees at Guantanamo Bay access to witnesses who might have helped them prove their assertions of innocence, saying it could not locate the vast majority of the witnesses the terror suspects requested at special military hearings.

But within a three-day span, a Globe reporter was able to locate three of those witnesses in the case of one detainee …

The detainee whose witnesses the Globe located is Abdullah Mujahid, a former Afghan provincial police commander arrested by US troops in July 2003.

And Declan Walsh in the GuardianJune 30:

The US government said it could not find the men that Guantánamo detainee Abdullah Mujahid believes could help set him free. The Guardian found them in three days.

Well, let’s see. Walsh—described by the Guardian as the paper’s “Pakistan/Afghanistan correspondent since July 2004”, although the Globe was still calling him “a freelance writer in the Afghanistan region” by September of that year—does all the work, while the glacial Guardian (which took four times as long to publish Walsh’s work as it took Walsh to find the alleged witnesses) claims the credit. Galen Moore, of the Daily News Tribune:

The Guardian calls today’s story an “exclusive.” Can they get away with this?

Not if the Superfriends have anything to do with it!

(Via Canadian reader Rocky)

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