Comedy bob surges to power

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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 04:46 pm

“I’ll be leading the Labor Party to the next election, you can be sure of that,” declares Kim Beazley. He believes he’ll win that election, too. But wait! Expert political analyst Traceeee Hutchison detects a Beazley threat:

With little to differentiate between left, right and centre – and an increasing disengagement with a Teflon-government – the time is ripe for the Greens, and its leader, to fill the gaping hole Kim Beazley steadfastly refuses to occupy.

Bob Brown has 18 months to make his party a serious political contender at the next federal election and there are a whole bunch of disenchanted voters looking for a reason to feel like their vote might make a difference.

And why is Hutchison feeling so bullish about the Greens? Because Bob Brown has put in a few appearances at the Melbourne Comedy Festival:

Embracing one of this country’s most popular and successful cultural festivals is a pretty decisive statement that the man means business.

Brown played to audiences in inner Melbourne. A more Green-friendly crowd you could not imagine, yet Hutchison seems to believe he’s taken some kind of bold and daring risk. She urges that other politicians follow his example:

There are many in the house on the hill who would do well to take a leaf out of Bob Brown’s book. The increasingly humourless and austere Australia being shaped by this Government might be great fodder for our braver laugh-makers but it’s taking a heavy toll on the rest of us.

Sure has. It’s erased Traceeee’s ability to recognise a joke.

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