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Last updated on June 24th, 2017 at 11:57 am

The hour will soon be upon us:


Sparkly illustration by Sturt Krygsman. SMH darkenistas are hostile to our plans:

On the internet, a handful of commentators are attempting to stage spoiler events under banners such as “Anti Earth Hour” and “Hour of Power”. They encourage sceptics to leave their lights on and run all their appliances, while simultaneously revving their four-wheel-drives, between 8 and 9 tonight.

It sounds so wicked and wrong. A member of the Australian Defence Forces emails: “Further to your earlier post, as well as being sent the same text the serviceman received, we were encouraged to print out this flyer and stick it up around the workplace.

“Note the exhortation to act at home. Oh, I’ll be acting all right: all lights on deck for the Hour of Power!

It’s not by accident that our armed forces are held in such high regard.

(Insty link via Corey H.)

UPDATE. This Sky News poll is running pro-Power. Via Doug Cox, who reports: “Sky is advertising live coverage of Earth Hour. Somehow I don’t think they get the idea.”

UPDATE II. They’ve pulled a Blanchett in Tel Aviv:

The Mediterranean city turned off its lights at 8 P.M. on Thursday night … Because of Shabbat, Tel Aviv decided to bring Earth Hour forward.

Thus a clash of faiths is avoided.

UPDATE III. Earth Hour is dangerous:

“We know that candles that are not extinguished properly can actually catch fire to nearby objects such as curtains and clothing,’’ he said.

That’s some impressive knowledge. (Via Becky)

UPDATE IV. Google goes dark:

Google Uk turned its home page black today in an effort to raise awareness for “Earth Hour”.

Great move, Google:

Unfortunately, on LCD monitors sized 22 inches or less, Google’s new black actually consumes more energy than its usual white one.

UPDATE V. The EcoChic (“Learning How to Love Mother Earth”) writes:

I was on a plane from Savannah to Atlanta when I read an article reminding me about Earth Hour.

How … beautiful. By the way, our anti-warming Prime Minister (whose government has instructed all departments and offices to observe Earth Hour) is marking the occasion by flying around the planet. He’s an Hour of Power champion!

UPDATE VI. Google knows that black backgrounds eat more energy:

Our own analysis as well as that of others shows that making the Google homepage black will not reduce energy consumption. To the contrary, on flat-panel monitors (already estimated to be 75% of the market), displaying black may actually increase energy usage. Detailed results from a new study confirm this.

(Via Doug)

UPDATE VII. This Earth Hour deal is bigger than we thought:

At the Lake Bolac Eel Festival, lights and amplifiers will be turned off for a special “acoustic showcase”.

UPDATE VIII. Fiji is on full Earth Hour alert:

The police force is committed to make its presence felt when Fiji observes Earth Hour from 8-9pm tonight.

Corporate Communications Officer Ema Mua says the force wants to ensure that no one takes advantage of the Earth Hour Initiative to break the law … “A big number will be patrolling on foot and those who will be on motor vehicle.”

Similar concerns in Manila:

Chief Supt. Roberto Rosales ordered all station commanders to make sure all their men are in the field.

It’s Authority Hour. Anyone who gets beaten up or robbed should contact Earth Hour founder Andy Ridley to discuss compensation.

UPDATE IX. Earth Hour is underway. Ignite! Nigel W. emails:

I won’t be at work tonight at 8pm, so I won’t be surrounded by equipment that toasts more coal in a couple of hours than your average Al Gore house does in a year.

But the attached photo hopefully shows that I have been doing my bit to warm the heavens of late. There are two of these suckers in the area that I am working in at the moment, and this is what they look like with about 30% of the equipment installed.

And from Louis Hissink:

Herewith the 2000 watt bitumen-melting light that will be switched on tonight at 8pm WSDT for one hour. That is me under the hat in front of our diamond core shed.

UPDATE X. Thrill to the darkness.

UPDATE XI. Fun for the whole family!

UPDATE XII. The horror of Earth Hour is at an end, at least locally. Now we await this year’s propaganda images from Fairfax – and further acts of electrical dissent as Earth Hour crawls into new time zones.

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