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Mentioned in this week’s Continuing Crisis column for The Bulletin are Kim Beazley, Annette Hurley, Dana Wortley, Linda Kirk, Anne McEwen, Australia’s Commonwealth Games rowing squad, The Bangles, Jason Gillespie, Ian Chappell, Che, John Howard, BusHitler, David Hicks, Peter Beattie, and high-functioning autistics. Also in The Bulletin, Patrick Carlyon traces the evolution of the MCG:
More MCG pix here.

UPDATE. Mixed feelings on the new MCG. Nic writes:

I think the “G” has lost something in its development. I remember as a kid the feeling of being both in and beneath the old great southern stand, it had a feeling all of its own. I remember how high the seats in the nosebleed sections of the Ponsford stand seemed to go, the floggers and streamers, the days when people could display their own banners, the doughnut vans outside. Ahhhhhh, memories.

Nic’s right about the old Southern Stand, and his line about being “in and beneath” it is something that will resonate with anyone who was ever enveloped within the stand’s concretey goodness. But, having heard Patrick Carlyon talk about the new stands, I’m inclined towards Big Fish’s view:

Having been for the opening ceremony and some nights of Athletics for the Comm games after an abscence of a year or so, the new stand really makes the G feel smaller. Even though it is not smaller it feels more intimate. I think the new development is brillant.

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