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Mentioned in this week’s Continuing Crisis column for The Bulletin are Byron Bay councillor Tom Tabart, Dick Cheney, Byron Bay mayor Jan Barham, Graeme Dunstan, Russell Crowe, Greenpeace operative Lally, Shane Warne, Padma Sujata, Muriel, Arianne Townshend, Christian Barnard’s fridge, Jill Lawless, George Galloway, Tony Blair, Annabel Crabb, and Four’n Twenty pies.

Also in this week’s magazine: crime! Hit that link for an abundance of criminality. And read Bernard Lagan on post-Cronulla non-arrests of Lebanese car-smashers:

Of the police decision to back away from the revenge attackers after their convoy returned to the western suburbs, [NSW Police Commissioner Ken] Moroney said: “I understand a senior commander made a tactical decision not to allow his police officers to proceed into what was a dangerous and volatile situation.”

He added: “The commander made an operational decision to protect the safety of his officers on the night.”

That, said the commissioner, was not the same as being spooked.

Hmm. As Richie Benaud sometimes says after a controversial cricket decision: “Viewers can make up their own minds about that one.” Do you like tennis? No? Well, check out the Australian Open-themed picture gallery anyway. And then proceed to the edition’s highlight: grisly crime photos from olden-days Sydney. (Warning: there are hats.)

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