Coldening almost upgraded to freezening

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Last updated on August 4th, 2017 at 01:22 pm

The Great Coldening just keeps getting greater:

Sydneysiders woke up to their coldest July morning in 21 years today, when the thermometer dipped to 3.7 degrees.

The minimum temperature was reached at 6.54am today and beat by one degree a July record set just yesterday.

I blame John Howard.

UPDATE. Cold in Victoria, too. But over in sunny Minnesota:

Today is the middle of the middle month of summer; think of noon as a great hinge on which the season turns. There’s plenty left, but now might be the time to start appreciating the languid dusks a little more than you might. We’re used to summer now; we take it all for granted. Winter seems like an absurd theory, proposed by madmen. But soon enough, soon enough.

(Via Instapundit)

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