Cold turkey

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Last updated on August 3rd, 2017 at 10:26 am

Awful climate change resulting from terrible human activity is causing unexpected Tasmanian embiggening:

Tasmania’s main turkey producer is warning customers to expect more than they have ordered, after climatic conditions resulted in bigger-than-usual birds.

Nichols Poultry owner Robert Nichols says the company thought it courteous to let its customers know “we’ve overshot the mark a little bit this year”.

He says a cool growing season has seen the turkeys gobbling down their food like there is no tomorrow.

“We just found that it’s been such an exceptional season that they’ve just eaten that much better this year and performed that much better that it’s quite a surprise,” Mr Nichols said.

It’s … nightmarish! If global warming (which can also mean cooling) continues, we’ll soon be overrun by delicious edible birds!

Pray for our planet.

(Via the invaluable J.F. Beck)

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