Climate, gears changed

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Last updated on July 2nd, 2017 at 12:38 pm

Snow falls on Baghdad for the first time in memory! Of course, this is due to global warmi … er, climate change. Locals aren’t complaining:

“It is the first time we’ve seen snow in Baghdad,” said 60-year-old Hassan Zahar. “We’ve seen sleet before, but never snow. I looked at the faces of all the people, they were astonished,” he said.

“A few minutes ago, I was covered with snowflakes. In my hair, on my shoulders. I invite all the people to enjoy peace, because the snow means peace,” he said.

It’s a snow surge! Another positive development – Baghdad motorcycle racing:

Ali Imad, a 24-year-old motorcycle mechanic who takes part in the races, said he has an “odd love” for motorcycles and simply enjoys the recreation, especially popping wheelies for the crowd.

“Life is difficult and hard and suffering. We had sectarianism. Thanks be to God, we overcame that,” he said.

In the parking lot amid the whirl of engines, he said, “People are happy and comfortable.”


UPDATE. “You people are fooling yourselves,” chides Penguin. “That is the warmest snow to ever fall on Baghdad since records have been kept.”

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