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The ABC’s Tony Jones mentions Richard Clarke once too often during an interview with Christopher Hitchens:

HITCHENS: Mr Clarke, I should add, since this is apparently the ‘Richard Clarke Show’, was the leading ornament of the Clinton Administration that utterly failed to confront bin Laden at all. Mr Clarke was also the man who said when his government, his president, ordered the bombing of Sudan without even calling for an inspection of the relevant sites, or consulting the UN in the least, probably hitting the wrong factory, chemical factory, but the pretext for that, if you remember, is that Osama bin Laden owned that factory and that it was mixing chemical weaponry for Saddam Hussein. So Mr Clarke made the Saddam-bin Laden connection before anybody else did. I’m afraid to say, since you keep asking my opinion of him, I think what he says now is the result of partisanship. He would not be making these criticisms if he was on the inside and I think it’s shabby that people will put their party first on these occasions. But Mr Clarke is the source of a lot of useful information. And if what he says, or alleges, is true about the Saddam-al-Qaeda connection then it would be impeachably delinquent of any government attacked on American soil with such massive force, not to ask is there a Saddam Hussein role in this? Because the likelihood that there could be would have to be very high? To say let’s not think about Saddam, which is the only alternative, would be absolutely pathetic.

JONES: Alright, let’s go beyond Richard Clarke and …

HITCHENS: Are you sure you want to do this?

TONY JONES: Yes, of course. And we’ll go to the …

HITCHENS: It’s like letting go of your blanket.

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