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Young Australians are smarter than older people, a new report has revealed:

Young Australians are less environmentally aware than older people, a new report has revealed.

The young are less likely to regard themselves as environmentalists, to be avid recyclers or to believe that urgent action is needed to avoid serious environmental damage, the Australia Institute report says.

I like these maverick youngsters! Elderly Clive Hamilton, however, isn’t happy:

Institute executive director Dr Clive Hamilton said that over the past decade Australia’s national political leaders had consistently downplayed the threats posed by environmental degradation, especially with respect to climate change.

“So perhaps it is not surprising that Howard’s Children are characterised by apathy and scepticism,” he said.

The Sydney Morning Herald, the Melbourne Age, the ABC, enviro-propagandists, the ALP, teachers, the Democrats, pointless commie “institutes”, and the Greens have been screaming apocalyptic environmentalism at these kids since they were born, and the kids aren’t buying it. Even Kim Beazley gets the message, now distancing the ALP from Green extremism:

The Greens predictably accuse Labor of selling out. That won’t break Beazley’s heart. Being seen as too close to the Greens last year was a negative for Labor.

Actually, deranged enviro-folk are a negative for everybody:

The FBI says the United States’ top domestic terrorism threat is environmental and animal rights activists who have turned to arson and explosives.

Some of the activists also target companies abroad who have policies they disagree with. Groups such as the Animal Liberation Front, the Earth Liberation Front and the Britain-based SHAC, or Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, are “way out in front” in terms of damage and number of crimes, said John Lewis, the FBI’s deputy assistant director for counterterrorism.

In other environmental news, Japan fights back against Australian whale claims:

The Japanese Embassy has a message for the readers of The Daily Telegraph: “There is no such thing as an Australian whale.”

That was the response of embassy staff in Canberra when The Daily Telegraph paid a visit – whale in tow – to seek answers on behalf of our outraged nation.

Outraged? To hell with that. Australians—especially the young—would probably like to eat the big delicious creatures.

UPDATE. UK Greenpeace goon Stephen Tindale plans to target low-cost airfares. Way to win the youth vote, Tindale!

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