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It’s been covered by the Washington Post, the London TimesReuters, India’s Times Now TV, South Africa’s Independent Online, across News Ltd, by the UK Telegraph, by AFP, Canada’s Calgary Herald, the Times of India, the Hong Kong Standard, the Guardian, the Straits Times, and the Australian …

… yet, as reader Bonmot points out, Kevin Rudd’s embarrassing diet is not mentioned by the Sydney Morning Herald, the Age, or the ABC (besides one comment from the Daily Telegraph’s Malcolm Farr).

Possibly these guys consider Ruddmunching too trivial a matter to deal with. After all, the SMH prefers covering serious issues, like Presidential noodle consumption:

At the barbecue for the troops, under Ms. Crabb’s watchful eye, [George W. Bush] helpfully counted his own noodles (there were eight) in a scene she wrote about in her front-page column this way: “Eight!” he concluded. “Eight noodles! There’s your story! Nice helping you out!”

Besides the front page, that noodle item also ran on the SMH’s poster (“Dubya, his noodles and me”, or something similar). So trivia is unlikely to be a reason for wax-related rejection; what other excuse might the SMH offer?

Anyhoo, since Kevin won’t read about it in local broadsheets, here’s a Waxgate story for him in Chinese.

UPDATE. The SMH catches up.

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