Changed views of climate changesters

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First, concerns about a “coming ice age�? gave way to “global warming�? panic. Now the great fear of “global warming�? has been replaced by an applies-in-all-circumstances alarm over “climate change�?, writes Andrew Bolt:

Melbourne last week had its coldest February day on record, and its wettest day, which should surprise those still naive enough to believe our green gurus.

After all, it was only last August that Environment Victoria warned global warming would make us not cold and damp, but fried and dried. “Victoria – like the rest of the world – should adapt to global warming,” it said, and see “in what ways we can prepare for the inevitability of a hotter, drier state”.

Ditto the Australian Conservation Foundation, which in January 2003 blamed our drought on “human-induced global warming”, and warned: “Victoria will be hotter… Victoria will be drier.” No word then about freezing in February or boating over the Kooyong Tennis Club.

But stopping only to pull a parka over their boardshorts, the same green scaremongers rushed out press releases last week claiming global warming was actually making us colder. Honest.

Environment Victoria insisted that our “record-breaking freeze and flood is a sign of things to come”, and demanded “urgent action if we are to avert climate change” …

The pro-green Age got the wink. Last year, for the first time, it ran more items on “climate change” than on “global warming”.

A Melbourne newspaper worried about climate change? It’d suffer a change-induced panic attack about 14 times each day.

WEATHER UPDATE. The UN’s weather agency is corrupt. (Via The Corner)

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