“the central computer is in texas”

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Fascinating theories at Indymedia:

The central computer is in Texas, I know this already, I knew this 15 years ago, its probably expanded alot since 15 years ago, thats where thousands of webpages & filebases are stored from all round the world, the main domain name servers are located there & ip allocation servers are located there. Its all based there, everybody who supposably works in the so called IT field, IT as in ALIEN CONTROLLER industry simply outsource their services, from agents who outsource their servers from Texas. Its highly regulated, thats why the 2000 circuit based BBS dialup services that were run from peoples homes & served the Australian computer for 25 yeasr were all outlawed in 1995, so they the ALIEN controlers from TEXAS & their many agents in the IT field could control everything with their ARPANET, otherwise known as INTERNET.

Read on for the author’s concession that the central computer may have subsequently moved to Brussels, where “it is responsible for the allocation & monitoring of the universal product codes as well as storing the entire internet there.”

(Via Capt. John)

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