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Going to This Important Website will Help the Australian People rescue Democracy. On that note:

“I’m in that space again where I’m bogged down processing lots of comments and can’t get time to write,” complains Margo Kingston. How must her bosses feel? They’re paying Margo $4000 per month to jerk around with e-mail. (If it keeps her from writing, that might be money well spent.) So far this month Margo has slapped 22 posts on the Webdiary site, all of them by unpaid contributors, and all of them useless; each one has earned Margo $105, based on her monthly salary.

This leaves Margo free to thrash about in her own comments threads like a flail tank. They’re a proud bunch at Webdiary; here’s Margonaut Tony Phillips:

Murdoch has long eyed the Net with suspicion … However perhaps he’s now realising that [Murdoch] can be served better by more internet presence. He (more likely the minions reporting to him) may even have spotted Webdiary and noted its potential. Perhaps Tim Blair is about to offered a lucrative contract, or perhaps Imre. After all Murdoch fulfills his mission statement primarily via the reinforcement of prejudice and ignorance …

Imagine a Murdoch minion pointing out Webdiary’s potential to the News Corp chairman. Imagine that person 30 seconds afterwards, clearing his desk.

UPDATE. Margo would never be jailed in Zimbabwe:

“You are in here for committing journalism,” he said.

UPDATE II. The Sydney Morning Herald promotes Margo on its front page:

Margo Kingston: Bali busts – our road to a new form of fascism

But Margo didn’t write a word of that piece, which was e-mailed to Margo by unpaid Webdiary contributor Michael de Angelos.

Posted by Tim B. on 04/19/2005 at 04:18 AM
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