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Antony Loewenstein, a “long-term Middle East watcher and participant” who is writing a book on Israel and Palestine, reveals the vast extent of his specialist knowledge:

Yet more evidence of Israel speaking the language of ‘peace’ but acting entirely differently came from a senior ally of Sharon, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni. He told a legal conference in early December that, despite years of Israeli denials, Sharon himself imagines the 425-mile separation barrier as the future border between Israel and a potential Palestinian State.

‘One does not have to be a genius to see that the fence will have implications for the future border,’ he said.

Tzipi Livni is female.

UPDATE. In other news from the margins:

* Webdiary has already blown its caps budget for 2006.

* Here’s a great story for Media Watch!

* Tim Lambert, blunderer, isn’t making a whole lot of sense:

I must have struck a nerve because Balir has now responded twice to this post. The first response was that it was just a joke so the temperatures don’t matter and then he changed his tune Dec 3 was a whole 1.9 degrees cooler than the average Dec 3 temperature. Shock Horror! It’s another Ice Age!

He mightn’t have struck a nerve, but he could be hitting the sauce. What on earth is Tim trying to say?

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