So-called “boom” leaves dan jobless

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Larry Kudlow hails the Bush boom:

The evidence is overwhelming that the supply-side tax cuts enacted in the spring of 2003 have triggered an economic boom. Yes, I will call it the Bush boom …

Since May 2003 — which not coincidentally was the debut period for Bush’s tax cuts on personal income, dividends, and capital gains — the economy has generated 3 million new jobs. Using the Labor Department’s household survey, 2.6 million more people have been employed since the tax cuts. The unemployment rate has dropped to 5.4 percent from 6.3 percent. Weekly unemployment claims have fallen to 300,700 — the lowest since late 2000.

That’s because everybody is working in Fallujah and Tikrit! As Dan Rather explained last year: “What drives American civilians to risk death in Iraq? In this economy it may be, for some, the only job they can find.”

Posted by Tim B. on 03/06/2005 at 06:56 AM
    1. I knew something was wrong with the economy last month when AP reported a typical US economic tragedy

      “I looked for probably six or seven months really hard and couldn’t come up with anything at all,” recalls Merrill, who is now 56 and lives in Reading, Mass. “It was very exasperating,” Merrill remembers. To help pay the bills, he turned to painting houses.

      Posted by rhhardin on 03/06 at 08:44 AM • permalink


    1. And we’re doing it at $50/bb.

      Posted by Sandy P on 03/06 at 01:04 PM • permalink


  1. Push Pull Bush Boom,
    Rather’s Lather, Merrill’s Gloom,
    China’s Bell Tolls, For Whom?
    Techs & Railroads Zoom Zoom.

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