Cage match

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An excellent fight (and subsequent rapprochement) involving Michael Totten, Christopher Hitchens, Andrew Apostolou, Ahman Al Rikaby, Entifadh Qanbar, Ghassan Atiyyah, and Hassan Mneimneh.

And alcohol.


Totten: “Ghassan Atiyyah was none too impressed with Christopher Hitchens and his gung-ho enthusiasm. And let’s just say he didn’t keep that to himself … He hated Hitchens on sight. And when I say ‘hate,’ I mean white-hot, wide-eyed hate with flaring nostrils.�?

Hitchens: “If the Iraqis were to elect either a Sunni or Shia Taliban, we would not let them take power.�?

Atiyyah: “So you’re my colonial master now, eh?!�?

Totten on Hitchens: “He sat with his arms crossed and his legs sticking straight out in front of him, still battling it out with Dr. Atiyyah. He literally, physically, dug his heels into the floor.�?

Totten: “[The Iraqis] are not servile people. They will never, ever, be anyone’s puppets. They are gentle and decent, and at the same time fierce and formidable. You really do not want to mess with them. And they’re great to have on your side.�?

Entifadh Qanbar: “I saw that picture and wept. It is incredibly moving.�?

Hitchens: “Wine. Is. Red!�?

Ahman al-Rikaby: “I’m against [capital punishment]. But at least for the next few months I will hope we execute Saddam Hussein.�?

Hitchens on Juan Cole: “That little weasel.�?

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