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Last updated on August 10th, 2017 at 12:18 pm

Hollywood’s fearless dissenters who will not be silenced have suddenly found their voice:

With support for George W Bush’s war in Iraq at an all time low, some of the biggest names in Hollywood are working on movies that are likely to increase criticism even further.

Those movies include:

Against All Enemies: “[Based on] the book by former anti-terrorism czar Richard Clarke [that chronicled] how the obsession of Bush and other government leaders with invading Iraq led them to ignore warnings of Al Qaeda terror attacks prior to September 11 2001, and then to bungle attempts to capture Osama bin Laden and eradicate his movement.”

Stop Loss: “About a Texas soldier who refuses to return to Iraq and fight.”

Home of the Brave: “Will feature Samuel L Jackson as a soldier who struggles to readjust to life in America after an extended tour of duty in Iraq.”

Noam of the Brave: “Will feature Noam Chomsky as a retiree who struggles to readjust to life in America after an extended tour of duty at MIT.”

Not sure about that last one. Anyway, how come the rush to make all these Iraq-themed movies? Syracuse University’s Robert Thompson might know:

‘With the president at a 36 per cent approval rating all of a sudden a movie that challenges the war is a demographically sound idea,’ he said.

Film makers have bravely waited until as few people as possible would be mad at them. Take a bow, Hollywood!

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