Blogging doomed

Last updated on August 6th, 2017 at 07:03 am

Along these lines, Virginia Trioli this morning introduced a segment on her 702 ABC show: “Wither blogging. It seems the much-hyped blogging phenomenon is disappearing. I say good riddance.”

Hey, at least during our brief reign we bloggers haven’t cost taxpayers a couple of hundred grand per year, which is the price paid (at least) for Virginia’s views. Her guest commentator for this segment was media lecturer Kate Crawford, who seemed slightly more fond of blogs than is her host; in fact, she said, some blogs are very good, and online audiences were becoming better at selecting quality blogs over “someone ranting about their cat”.

Then Kate named her favourite site. Daily Kos, she said, represented the very “top of the table” of global blogging. I don’t think Virginia had heard of it … otherwise her opinion of this flash-in-the-pan medium would probably be higher.

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