Black like howard

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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 05:54 am

Mike G. advises: “Check out the review of Male Like Me in the New York Times today, and notice what happens when their computerized linker thingy links to the author of the 60s bestseller Black Like Me.” Let’s take a look:

“Self-Made Man” turns out not to be what it threatens to be, a men-are-scum diatribe destined for best-seller status in the more militant alternative bookstores of Berkeley and Ann Arbor. Rather, it’s a thoughtful, diligent, entertaining piece of first-person investigative journalism. Though there’s plenty of humor in “Self-Made Man,” Vincent – like her spiritual forebear John Howard Griffin, the white journalist who colored his skin and lived as a black man in the South for his 1961 book “Black Like Me” – treats her self-imposed assignment seriously, not as a stunt.

Writes Mike: “Reminds me of when I’d read the Reuters versions of Variety stories; Variety (famous for its own shorthand, e.g., helmer=director) invariably shortened Australia to Oz, and Reuters automatically turned Oz back into Australia. Which meant every once in a while they ran a story about that Judy Garland classic The Wizard of Australia.”

UPDATE. More on the NYT’s review from Instapundit.

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