Billy in the big house

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Last updated on August 4th, 2017 at 01:38 pm

The brief, stupid journey of William “Billy” Cottrell:

Two years after his 2002 graduation with honors as a double major in physics and math, Cottrell was charged and convicted as one of the nation’s first ecoterrorists of the post-Sept. 11 era. He was found guilty of conspiracy and arson in the 2003 firebombings of Hummer and other sport-utility vehicle dealerships in the Los Angeles area to advocate a radical environmentalism. Two conspirators remain at large.

Cottrell is appealing his conviction. One mitigating factor, his supporters argue, is that he is diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, which can make his behavior at times inappropriate.

Only inappropriate? Speaking of Aspergerish science types – they do tend towards environmentaloid extremism, for some reason; perhaps we should be profiling them – the dramatic effect of Tim “Rainman” Flannery upon Sydney’s dams continues:

Dam levels have reached 56.8 per cent today, the highest level they’ve been since January 2004 …

That works out to around 1,425,000 megalitres; slightly more than Flannery predicted in 2005 (about 1,425,000 megalitres more, in fact). Since the two-year anniversary of that prediction, dam levels have increased from 922,500 megalitres, to more than 950,000 megalitres, to 1,250,000 megalitres – and now we’re nudging the 1.5 million mark, with further rain on the way.

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