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Last updated on May 20th, 2017 at 09:56 am

Kevin Rudd embiggens himself in the US.

UPDATE. Contrail:

Rudd would have rehearsed the Texan-Queensland remarks over and over again in anticipation of the press conference with Bush. But a combination of stage fright and GWB’s jibe derailed him.

That seems a plausible reading, especially given Rudd’s stumbling reference to “the great state of Australia”.

Posted by Tim B. on 03/29/2008 at 02:15 PM
    1. Actually Mr. Rudd, nothing is bigger than Texas, not Alaska, not Russia, China, and certainly not Q-land (or whatever you call it).  Or so my native born neighbors assure me.

      Posted by Gerry on 2008 03 29 at 02:46 PM • permalink


    1. Kevin Rudd embiggens himself in the US.

      He went to Scores again?

      Posted by Col. Milquetoast on 2008 03 29 at 03:08 PM • permalink


    1. I’m not sure what the big deal is. Bush is certainly the type of guy who doesn’t mind some good-natured back-and-forth. I don’t think Rudd broke any kind of American etiquette. Maybe what Rudd said would be considered rude in Australia? As a kind of bragging?

      I was impressed by Bush’s generosity when he spun Rudd’s pulling out of Iraq as “keeping his campaign promises” and credited him for it. I guess that’s the sort of thing the Left says “alienates our allies.”

      Posted by Dave S. on 2008 03 29 at 03:13 PM • permalink


    1. As long as he’s not excited.

      Posted by kae on 2008 03 29 at 04:59 PM • permalink


    1. Dave S, I guess it’s partly an American-Australian difference. It does sound like Rudd is bragging. But it’s also partly because of Rudd’s incredibly wooden style of speech making. He has a dull, flat voice – literally monotonous – and his speeches are typically a series of cliches strung together.

      Posted by TimT on 2008 03 29 at 06:11 PM • permalink


    1. Rudd would have rehearsed the Texan-Queensland remarks over and over again in anticipation of the press conference with Bush. But a combination of stage fright and GWB’s jibe derailed him.

      Wonder if he will send a letter asking the Queen if they can rehearse their meeting before the TV cameras arrive.

      Posted by Contrail on 2008 03 29 at 06:27 PM • permalink


    1. #3. It just sounds lame, is my issue with it.

      Everyone knows that Australia is not the economic or military power the US is. For Rudd to makes noises like that at a press conference sounds like the ultimate lame-o act of over-compensation and actually serves to highlight the truth, rather than send a message that “Q-land”, “Brissie” and “Oz” can stand toe to toe with the US.

      The man’s an embarrassing twat.

      Posted by Abu Chowdah on 2008 03 29 at 06:59 PM • permalink


    1. I just cringe when I see him staring at me, licking his lips and holding meaningless comments together with multiple ums and ers.

      The career bureaucrat in charge of a million dollar economy allowed by the Australian public to put his primary school management techniques into practice at our expense.

      And if one closes ones eyes when he’s talking and really concentrate on the net worth of his comments, it goes from bad to worse.

      Happy post earth hour Sunday.

      Posted by mehaul on 2008 03 29 at 07:07 PM • permalink


    1. ….er trillion dollar economy. Pardon. Or the Rudd filter got to it.

      Posted by mehaul on 2008 03 29 at 07:09 PM • permalink


    1. Listening to The Great Helmsman on the wireless yesterday, mangling his attempt to convey the same sense of ease which JoHo wore like a second skin, made me smile and remember the good old days.
      The good old days when the shadow foreign minister’s weekend Bulimba doorstops evolved from all the networks attending to arguments over trade-offs to avoid a turn in the pool arrangement.
      From every frame being sent to the Canberra bureau to:
      “Just send us the good bits.”
      “There aren’t any.”

      Posted by lotocoti on 2008 03 29 at 07:21 PM • permalink


    1. WA trumps the lot of ‘em and prolly 99% of countries … get your hand off it, ‘Big’ Kev …

      Posted by egg_ on 2008 03 29 at 07:38 PM • permalink


    1. Contrail’s onto it. The reason Rudd seemed so shaky on his feet with Bush, is yet again because he’s not being honest. The prick can’t lie straight in bed.

      Posted by mehaul on 2008 03 29 at 08:43 PM • permalink


    1. And the award for the lames, single most cliche ridden wankery of the year goes to…..KRudd.

      Heres the story, Rudd wants seat on UN Security Council

      Now either the reporters are doing a piss take or he really is this bad. Heres the cliche parts of what they reported him saying.

      “it was a long time between drinks..”
      “I believe it’s important to see the glass as half-full rather than half-empty..”
      “you’ve got to be in it to win it, and have a go..”
      “30 years is a fair enough old wait between drinks and I think it’s time we actually got cracking..”

      This makes up nearl half of what the Ruddbot is reported to have said. Just as well he got the book “Big boys own book of cliches” for christmas and not “
      Rogers profanisaurus” or wed be hearing a much more “Robust” bit of language.

      Posted by thefrollickingmole on 2008 03 29 at 09:09 PM • permalink


    1. Ah, but think of the good things Australia could do if it had a seat at the top table. You could …. and then there’s…umm, what about getting that thing with the other thing done..

      Nope, to be frank (and let’s face it, it’s better than being Kruddish), getting to play at the UN’s big kids table appears to be akin to winning a medal at the Special Olympics.

      Posted by CB on 2008 03 29 at 09:38 PM • permalink


    1. Now either the reporters are doing a piss take or he really is this bad.

      Option B, Frollickingmole, unfortunately. Try listening to one of his press conferences at length. It’s amazing how far the ability to string a few meaningless cliches together can take a man.

      Posted by TimT on 2008 03 29 at 11:11 PM • permalink


    1. The difference between Bush and Rudd making mistakes at a press conference is that Bush can see the humour and doesn’t lose any sleep. Rudd would have gone back to the hotel and kicked an adviser or a small child.

      Posted by Abu Chowdah on 2008 03 30 at 12:43 AM • permalink


    1. Ageist report on another Rudd meeting [via CL.

      “Still, it’s nice to know that no matter how high up the greasy pole you get, you’re never too lofty to be star struck.”

      Rudd is star struck by the moon. That has a name of course.

      Posted by stackja1945 on 2008 03 30 at 01:16 AM • permalink


    1. my state’s bigger than your state tee hee hee hee. what a complete tosser

      Posted by KK on 2008 03 30 at 03:12 AM • permalink


    1. Oh dear look at our new minister for capitulation rolling over and pissing himself in fear.

      Australia denounces anti-Islam film

      Not in my name you dont you craven lickspittle.

      Heres his email.
      Let him know what you think.

      “In Australia we believe in the right to freedom of expression but we don’t believe in abusing that right to incite racial hatred.”


      My email to the jellyback.
      Dear Mr Smith. I am wondering what part of equating Islam with terror attacks strikes you as being incorrect. Today it was announced the Australian government was sending troops to Darfur, as you are aware the “black” indigenous animists and Christians are under attack from groups of Islamic militia.
      The vast majority of refugee applicants from the ME flee due, in many cases, to religious oppression.
      To deny the strong link between Islam’s bloody borders and Islam seem to me to be a little bit of wishful thinking.

      They fight the secular Chinese, Largely Buddhist Thaïs, the Orthodox in the old USSR, the Animists and Christians in Africa, the Jews in Israel and anywhere else that shares a border with them.

      The offensive parts of ANY religious belief should be open for ridicule, examination and caricature, to single out Islam as somehow above the treatment regularly dealt out to others is not only wrong, but re-enforces radicalism.  Congratulations you have effectively recruited another 100 jihads. You’ve proven the radical clerics right, “threaten them and we get what we want”, a craven recognition that the Australian government holds Islam as a religion above any other.

      Your “..we believe in the right to freedom of expression” means less than nothing if you put a “but” on the end of it.

      I watched the movie, I didn’t think it was that good myself, but by criticizing it for offending the easily offended you further marginalize the moderates within Islam.

      My only question to you is this. What exactly was the point in publicly criticizing this movie?

      Thank you, ****

      Geez hasnt taken our overseas policy long to attempt a Neville Chamerlin.

      Posted by thefrollickingmole on 2008 03 30 at 04:20 AM • permalink


    1. During the Queensland floods Rudd praised Queenslanders as being special because of their capacity to deal with natural disasters. Now that might have been fine for Bligh to say but Australian PMs have traditionally spoken in national terms. A Howard or a Hawke would have said “Australians”.

      Posted by Contrail on 2008 03 30 at 04:26 AM • permalink


    1. Last I heard, “the great state of Australia” had about the same GDP as “the great state of Ohio.”

      Dunno what “the great state of Queensland would be equivalent to…

      Posted by spot_the_dog on 2008 03 30 at 04:56 AM • permalink


    1. #19 I saw that too, Mole.  Did you catch the part where he said,

      “Like leaders in the Muslim world and in Europe, I strongly reject the ideas contained in the film and deplore its release.”

      Like leaders in the Muslim world and in Europe??? Could someone please tell him that he’s supposed to be representing Australia?  (And BTW, that means all of Australia, not just the idiots who voted Labor?)

      Posted by spot_the_dog on 2008 03 30 at 05:02 AM • permalink


    1. 22. Yup , shame he wasnt so vocal when piss christ was doing the rounds eh?

      Posted by thefrollickingmole on 2008 03 30 at 05:16 AM • permalink


    1. #23 Therein lies one of the real issues:  Offended Christians are nearly so scary.  We don’t really have the equivalent of Islamic Rage Boy.

      Posted by spot_the_dog on 2008 03 30 at 05:25 AM • permalink


    1. #24 aren’t. Man, I perviewed that and everything!

      Posted by spot_the_dog on 2008 03 30 at 05:27 AM • permalink


    1. #19 from the ninemsn link:
      “Iran and Bangladesh warned the film could cause grave consequences”I wonder what that means? Hurt feelings?

      Posted by daddy dave on 2008 03 30 at 06:43 AM • permalink


    1. Did that little lefty piss-ant just compare the Great State of Texas to Queensland?

      Them’s fightin’ words, boy…

      Posted by mojo on 2008 03 30 at 06:45 PM • permalink


    1. #26

      Bangladesh won’t accept Dutch donations the next time their coastline is flooded? Nahhh.

      Posted by PW on 2008 03 30 at 06:52 PM • permalink


  1. Story told by GWB in his dotage:

    When I was the President of the United States we had an Australian Prime Minister visit once.
    Was sayin’ all the time how everything was bigger in Queensland.
    He was saying how big Queensland was.
    He was saying how generous he was, sending $165M aid to Iraq.
    He was saying how big he was.
    How big he was.

    He got sick while he was over here.
    We had to send him back.
    There wasn’t a stretcher big enough for him that would fit in the medivac jet.

    So we gave him an enema and put him in a shoe box.

    Posted by kae on 2008 03 30 at 06:54 PM • permalink