The 5 Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins that Coverts

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Last updated on April 26th, 2020 at 06:12 am

best wordpress landing pahe pluginAn effective landing page for your webpage can turn random web traffic into leads and unique visitors into customers.

Unfortunately, many WordPress themes either don’t include a dedicated landing page or it doesn’t quite suit your specific needs. Designing the best landing page then is of critical importance for your website.

Luckily, many WordPress landing page plugins exist that are dedicated solely to improving your landing page and integrating it into the rest of your website.

We’ve taken a look at some of the best landing page plugins available today and found the best WordPress landing page plugins you can use.

Here are 5 you should definitely consider:

5, Parallax Gravity WordPress Landing Page Builder

Parallax Gravity wordpress Landing page builder

The Parallax Gravity Landing Page Builder is a great WordPress landing page plugin that offers plenty of modern and attractive features at a reasonable price.

It allows you to create unlimited landing pages anywhere within your site and in addition supports smooth CSS effects like elements flying on and off the page.

Parallax is the perfect landing page plugin for creating product showcases and promoting services.

As the name suggests it also supports impressive parallax movements where the background stays still as other elements change.

All in all the Parallax Gravity Landing Page Builder is stylish and responsive at a very low price. 

4, Coming Soon WordPress Landing Page Plugin – by SeedProd

coming soon wordpress landing page plugin

Coming Soon may simply seem like a coming soon page builder that advertises an upcoming page or product, but it is the absolute best landing page plugin to perform this integral task.

Coming Soon is ideal if you are working on a new site or have an upcoming product or service to promote.

It integrates with most if not all the main email servers (Aweber, MailChimp, etc…) to capture emails and build a list of notifications when the site or service goes live.

In addition, it has a maintenance mode that can be displayed while you are working on the live site. Coming Soon even allows you to run viral contests from the landing page. It is the ideal landing page plugin to market an upcoming service or site.

3, Thrive Content Builder

Thrive Content Builder - wordpress landing page plugin

This is a very popular WordPress plugin that is both extremely powerful and very user-friendly.

With this landing page editor, all of the editings takes place in real time through the front end of your website.

This saves you the time of viewing the page in another window or reload it, so that you can see how final version looks like.

It now includes over 30 landing page templates and the ability to create a 2 step opt-in process that has been proven to increase conversions.

Thrive content builder is the perfect builder and plugin for creating the not only incredible landing pages but also for taking your WordPress site to the next level.


2, Leadpages Wordpress Landing Page Plugin

leadpages wordpress landing page plugin

Leadpages is among the most widely used and well regarded WordPress landing page plugins online today.

Leadpages offers over 70 landing page templates that are tried and tested to deliver high conversion rates. With Leadpages you get the option of hosting your landing pages on their fast and reliable servers or integrating them into your WordPress site.

In addition, Leadpages can save users a lot of time by allowing users to quickly integrate their WordPress landing page without actually having to enter any code.

This makes Leadpages an excellent choice for a WordPress landing page plugin, especially for those who are still exploring the use of landing pages.

1, Optimize Press 2.0

Optimize Press 2.0 wordpress landing page plugin

Originally just a WordPress theme the newer version of Optimize Press is now a comprehensive WordPress landing page plugin and page builder.

Optimize Press creates beautiful squeeze pages, and launch funnels that are industry leading. It features a page builder, over 30 landing page templates (more if you join the monthly club) and over 40 customization elements that can be added to your landing page.

Optimize Press our top choice for the best WordPress landing page plugin.

All of it drag and drop. This level of customization and ease puts it in a league of its own and all at a price that is as good as or better than almost any other competitive WordPress landing page plugins. The balance of speed, customization, and value make Optimize Press our top choice for the best WordPress landing page plugin.

So that’s the 5 best WordPress landing page plugin. What’s your take on the list and which one are you going to try?

Oh! You already got a landing page plugin. Tell us which landing page plugin has worked for you.

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