5 Best Triple Monitor Stand (Monitor Mount For 24 – 28 Inch)

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Last updated on April 26th, 2020 at 12:39 pm

Loctek Triple Monitor Mount - Best Triple Monitor Stand
Best Triple Monitor Stand


Most monitors come with a default stand.

But what happens if you’ve got more than two or triple monitors?.

You will agree with me, It would be a pain in the ass using these three monitors with their default stand on one desk? Right!

Finding the best triple monitor stand is never an easy task. This review would guide you through choosing a triple monitor stands for 24-28 inches monitors.   

If you are in haste, we’ve summarized all below:

  • Overall our choice for the Best Triple Monitor Stand is the Loctek Full Motion Swivel Triple Monitor  Mounts. This stand is not just a monitor stand, it is a workstation with inbuilt cables.
  • Mount-It 753 is following the performance of Locteck with its capacity to handle between 19-24 inches monitors. It is therefore recommended as the Best Triple Monitor Mount for 24 inches monitors
  • 27 and 28 inches monitor owners are also in luck with the EZM Deluxe triple monitor stand. We recommend this as the Best 27 Inch monitor Stand. 

Comparison of the FIVE Best Triple Monitor Stand

Product/FeaturesLoctek Full MotionErgotech (100-D16-B03)Mount-It! MI-753EZM Deluxe (002-0020)VIVO V003 Stand
Weight Per Arm19.8 lbs.25 lbs22 lbs.25 lbs22 lbs.
Rotation360 Degrees360 Degrees360 Degrees360 Degrees360 Degrees
TiltNil25 Degrees Sideways15 Degrees Sideways30 Degrees15 Degress sideways
Stand TypeClamp StandDesk StandClamp StandFree StandClamp
Vesa Hole75 by 75 mm, 100 by 100 mm75 by 75 mm, 100 by 100 mm75 by 75 mm, 100 by 100 mm75 by 75 mm, 100 by 100mm75 by 75 mm, 100 by 100 mm
Frame Weight20.2 lbs27 lbs.16 lbs31.1 lbs17.8 lbs.
Pole Height12 inches16 inches17.5 inches14 Inches18 inches
PositioningPortrait and LandscapeLandscapePortrait and LandscapePortrait, LandscapePortrait and Landscape
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Read - Types of Triple Monitor Stand

Types of Triple Monitor Stand

You’ve seen the summary, and you may be wondering what differentiates all these triple monitor stands.

We classified triple monitor stands based on where and how they are fixed.

Clamp Triple Monitor Stand

This type of triple monitor stand is installed on the edge of a desk. Sometimes a drilled hole is needed to set in the screws. This is not always the case though.

Wall Mount Triple Monitor Stand

If you don’t want to dent your desk with drilled holes and scratches or you have a limited desk-space, the perfect type of triple monitor stand to choose is the wall mounts. The stand is screwed securely to the wall while the arms are stretched out.

Desk Triple Monitor Stand

No drilling on a desk or screwing on a wall. A desk stand has large feet that carry the weight of your triple monitors while placed on a table or a desk.

So for choosing a triple monitor stand, you need to decide quickly the location of your triple monitor stand and choose from any of the types mentioned above.

Read - The Best Triple Monitor Stand Brand

Best Triple Monitor Stands Brands

You know what I love about tech gadgets. There is never a monopoly of products in the technology industry. You’ll always have wide arrays of choices to select from. Sometimes it could be overwhelming.

Don’t be confused! OK.

Here are the top brands to consider.

  • Mount-It: This manufacturer is one of the best when it relates to producing monitor stands that are classy, strong, and durable. They don’t only manufacture triple stands; they also have single, dual, and quad monitor stands.
  • Vivo: from single, dual, triple, and quad monitor stands, VIVO is a trusted brand. No squeaky sounds of breaking that scare you when your monitors are fixed.VIVI stands are sturdy and safe.
  • Locteck: Not the least but one of the best triple monitor stand They employ the best technology available in building simple, sophisticated, and durable monitor stands.

The Five Best Triple Monitor Stand

Up next is our triple Monitor stand review:

Loctek Full Motion Triple Monitor Mounts – (Editor’s Best Triple Monitor Stand)

Loctek Full Motion Triple Monitor Mounts – Best Triple Monitor Stand

If you have a limited desk space but you need to display three monitors, this is the best way to achieve it attractively. Considering the looks and flexibility and size, it is one of the best triple monitors stands you can find.

Loctek is offering top quality in this stand, and they are confident about it. What first attracted us to this is the aluminum color, after which the specifications which wowed our team of reviewers. Anywhere you place this triple monitor stand will wear a classy appeal.

Each of the three arms will ferry between 4.4 to 19.8 lbs, conveniently housing monitors of 10 to 24 inches.

What separates the adjustment technology of Loctek is the use of their gas spring hovering system that permits the adjustment of the arms without loosening of any screw. That’s really awesome!

This triple monitor stand will always look new forever with the anti-scratch feature. The VESA holes are just two: You’ve got the 75 by 75 mm and 100 by 100 mm holes to use.

What makes this stand unique from all others on this review is the Mic, Audio, and USB-type 3 ports which make connectivity to other devices easy.

The Bad!!

What we see as a limitation is the 180 degrees rotation on two of the arms. Why not 360-degree rotation? The absence of a tilt can also bring about discomfort for users.

Despite the negative sides, the advantages of this triple monitor stand seem obvious with all its bells and whistles. You should get one as it is our Editor’s Choice as the Best Triple Monitor Stand.


Features Recap:

  • Silver Color
  • Anti-scratch
  • 10 to 24 inches screen size
  • Gas spring hovering system
  • Desk mount
  • 180 degrees rotation
  • VESA 75 mm, 100 mm
  • 19.8 lbs per arm (59.6 total weight)

Ergotech Triple Monitor  – (Best 24 inch – Desk Stand)

Ergotech Triple Monitor Desk Stand – Best 24 inch Triple Monitor

For it to be on our list, you should be assured that it’s one of the best available right now. Ergotech made a triple monitor stand with the capability and durability of withstanding every condition it is subjected to. This quality triple monitor stand for 24 inches screen even came at an affordable price tag.

Seeing the package for the first time might look confusing on how to install it. Don’t worry, the setup process is quite easy and straightforward.

This triple monitor stand is made from the best of metals, displaying top quality engineering works. Ergotech monitor holder, stand as one without squeaky sounds when fixed with monitors.

Here is a video from the manufacturer to give you a better picture:

In terms of aesthetics, the black design of the entire stand coupled with the VESA mount gives it a simple look. With the large feet of this mount, you won’t be drilling any holes or making any mark in trying to fix a clamp. The feet are strong enough to carry 75 lbs weight of monitors.

The flexibility and adjustability this monitor offers is a great advantage. With a 360 degrees rotation and tilt of +/-25, you are totally free of eye strain, back, and neck pain as you can view from any angle and location suitable for your convenience.

The Bad!!

All these glowing qualities do not translate to perfection by Ergotech. At 27 pounds, smaller desks might not be able to handle the weight of the stand in addition to another 75 pounds of the three monitors.

The feet will also eat up a chunk of your desks space and lastly, tilt your monitor to your desired perfect position might be a difficult task (tilting come at+/-25 steps).


In summation, Ergotech has made one of the best triple monitors stands in the market. Despite having an affordable price tag, its flexibility, durability, and simplicity of installation stand out. Tagging this as the best triple monitor stand for 24 inches monitors will not be an exaggeration. 

Features Recap:

  • Black Color
  • 24 Inch maximum screen size
  • Desk Stand with strong feet.
  • 25 lbs per each arm (75 lbs total)
  • 360 Degree rotation
  • Tilting at 25 degrees up and down
  • VESA FDMI MIS-D 75 mm, 100 mm  

Mount-It! MI-753 Triple Monitor Desk Mount– Best 24 Inch

Mount-It! MI-753 Triple Monitor Desk Mount–Best 24 Inch Triple Monitor Stand

Mount-it is not left out of the best triple monitor stand race. The MI-753 is elegant, durable, and reliable at an affordable price tag. Mount it was built with aluminum and steel of superior quality to ensure durability and stability.

No matter the brand of your ultra-thin monitor, this novel triple monitor stand will accommodate it all comfortably. If you own a Dell, Acer, Samsung, ASUS, or ViewSonic LCD screen between 13 to 24 inches, you will love this combo monitor stand.

All the three arms of MI-753 can be rotated 360 degrees, and tiled to 15 degrees sideways. Each of the arms can carry 22 lbs monitors at maximum and can be positioned either landscape or portrait without removing any of the monitors.

The VESA plates of this triple monitor desk mount have two holes of 75 x 75 and 100 x 100. Fastening to your desk in the long term for safety and security is the essence of the double lock base. Your cables won’t be lying fallow; the cable management system is equipped to settle that.

The Bad!!

The alignment of the monitor seems to be the only issue discovered by us, but the price makes the limitation look trivial.

The design and ease of adjustment seem to be a strong point, coupled with the elegant build and ease of installation. All in all, this is a good buy for increased productivity. We tested this with Dell gaming monitors and found it to be the ultimate choice for Dell monitors. 

Though it would work perfectly with other brands. Therefore, we have no regret in recommending this as the Best 24 Inch Triple Monitor Stand.


 Features Recap:

  • Black color
  • 19 to 24 inches screen size
  • Clamp mount
  • 22 lbs per arm (66 lbs total)
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Tilt at 15 degrees up and down
  • VESA of 75 mm and 100 mm

EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Mount Review – Best 27 Inch

EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Stand Reviews - Best 27 Inch Triple Monitor Stand

Easy Mount Deluxe triple mount stand is another awesome product under review. From a first look, it appears simple, easy, and strong. With this Triple stand, all you’ll need is to be sure your desk will be able to ferry the 31 lbs weight in addition to the weight of the three monitors.

Installing the stand is very easy and straightforward out of the box, you either choose to let it stand freely or get it bolted to the desk. The stand will carry the weight of any monitor up to 27 and 28 inches. Be sure that your monitors support either the 75 mm by 7 mm or 100 by 100 mm VESA holes.

Adjusting the height can be done individually by controlling each arm, quite easy, isn’t it! Not only that, but you can also achieve an inside-out curve to make viewing from any position comfortable and convenient.

Easy Mount deluxe can be rotated 360 degrees both clockwise and counterclockwise, the mounting head can also be tilted 180 degrees to the right and left and also up and down to achieve either the portrait or landscape view.

The head can also be rotated by 320 degrees. From the center, a 30 degrees tilt can be achieved right, left, up, and down, with a 360 degrees rotation.

The Bad!!

Finding a fault out of this triple monitor stand seems to be difficult than installing it. Apart from the excess need for space of at least 10 to 12 inches of desk space from front to back, there are no other negatives.


This triple monitor stand has industrial grade strength, in addition to being able to get it working and standing in a matter of minutes. This product is highly recommended as the Best 27 Inch Triple Monitor Stand. 

Features Recap:

  • Black Color
  • 75 by 75 mm, 100 by 100 mm VESA
  • 360 Degrees rotation
  • 30 Degrees Tilt
  • Desk Stand
  • 22 lbs per arm

VIVO V003 Triple Monitor Stand –  (Clamp Stand)

VIVO V003 Triple Stand–Best Triple Monitor Clamp Stand

Also referred to as VIVO STAND-V003, this desk mount stand will exceed all your expectations. The use of high-grade aluminum and steel gives this product a sturdy and vigorous hold on every monitor fixed into it.

Installing this stand is not a hard task, it is quite straightforward and easy to fit into one package. This monitor stand is made to handle between 13 and 24 inches screens weighing 24 lbs each. V003 comes with a VESA mounting holes of 75 x 75 and 100 x 100. The arms of the Stand V003 are all adjustable and flexible.

Vivo STAND – V003 is a clamp type, and you will need to drill holes or clamp into your desk. With the Ultra Heavy Duty “C” Clamp (4″ clamp), the ugly footprints of a desk stand are eliminated with neatly drilled holes. This product may not be the best regarding looks, but it delivers excellently on all it promises.


Rotating and tilting this triple monitor stand is enabled at 360 degrees with -15 to +15 Degree steps. Swiveling is also possible at 360 degrees. Interestingly, you can install your monitors either on a portrait or landscape view depending on your choice.

The Bad!!

One obvious issue of this Triple Monitor Desk stand is the need for further readjustment and alignment to reach the perfect configuration.
If you are not tech-savvy, you might find this as an irritating trial and error process to reach the perfect point.


If you can get the issue of readjustment over with, this triple monitor desk clamp stand will deliver more than the price suggests. Are you a gamer, you will find this perfect for your gaming monitors. We will recommend this as the best triple monitor clamp mount stand. 


Features Recap:

  • Clamp mount
  • Black color
  • 22 lbs per arm (66 lbs total capacity)
  • 24 inches maximum screen size
  • 360 degrees rotation and swivel
  • 15 degrees tilt.
  • 75 mm, 100 mm VESA mounting holes

Choosing the Best Triple Monitor Stand – Factors You Should Consider

We believe you must have a brand in mind now, but you need to check if your chosen brand complies with these criteria to avoid stress and trouble of returning to the supplier.

Screen Size

Monitors are measured in inches, and the screen size is a primary criterion to consider in getting a triple monitor stand.

You should know your frameless monitor screen size and get a triple monitor stand that is suitable for your monitor.

It will be a fruitless effort if your screen is 28 inches and you buy a triple monitor stand for 24 inches screen. From our end here, this is a major factor to consider.

Weight Capacity

Knowing the weight of your monitor in pounds will also go a long way in reducing stress.

For instance, if you own a Dell Ultrasharp monitor, you should never go near an Elitech Aluminum Alloy Triple Monitor Stand. The size to capacity ratio does not correspond.

Ascertaining the weight capacity on the three arms is as important as knowing the screen size.

VESA Specification

Getting the VESA wrong invalidates the whole Triple Monitor Stand search. If you read our Ultra-thin Monitor review, you would have understood the importance of a VESA mount. This is the plate used in attaching the monitor to the stand.

VESA mounts have many differences like 50 by 50 mm, 75 by 75 mm, and 100 by 100 mm. knowing the VESA specification of your monitor will determine if the monitor will be mountable on the triple monitor stand.


Your budget determines the product you settle for. There are small budget triple monitor stands, and there are some that can break the bank.

Selecting the best is based on your pocket and needs. However have in mind there may be a trade-off between some features, quality, and cost.

Stand Type

We’ve taken time out earlier to clarify the differences between stands. While some are mounted on the wall, one is fixed through the drilling of holes on the edge or clamped to a desk.

The last one is seated on the desk. Knowing what, where, and how you’ll place your, triple monitor stand is another factor to consider.

If you don’t have a desk, just go for a wall mount. If you have a strong and spacious desk, then buy a desk stand with large feet.


One of your reasons for buying a triple monitor stand apart from the compact set-up is the ease of use.

You should know your viewing angle and if your chosen triple monitor stand can tilt, swivel, and rotate to the angle.

You will avoid back and neck pain by factoring the flexibility of your triple monitor stand in relation to your seating and viewing angle.


Alright, that’s it with the criteria.

We intend to put you abreast of these factors before we unveil our five best triple monitor stand.

So that’s it for triple monitor stands.

If you think we’ve omitted a triple monitor stand that is better than any on our list, contact us. We hope we’ve helped you make the best choice.

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