5 Best Jobsite Radio Reviews – Dispel the gloom in your Workspace

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Are you looking for the best jobsite radio to dispel the gloom and boredom in your workspace?

You’ve come to the right place. Our jobsite radio reviews and guide will help you get the perfect jobsite radio!

Best Jobsite Radio Reviews
Best Jobsite Radio Reviews

Before you know it, you’d be joining the mass of workers out there who have increased their productivity and output while listening to their favourite tunes in their workspace.

That sounds amazing right?

Whether you’re mudding/boarding a room, sawing and sanding in a workshop or just getting some weekend home repairs done, music has been proven to make tasks go faster and seem easier. This is where the jobsite radio comes in.

This is why many of the manufacturers of your favourite tool brands are making jobsite radios.

We all know how manufacturers love to claim their product is the best. Choosing from many crappy jobsite radios out there can be daunting.  

At the end you might still not be happy with your decision. We’re giving you all the juicy details so you can get the best radio, and don’t even look back on the bucks you spent.  

We’ve spent time and energy on testing jobsite radios so you don’t have to.Our guide will answer any questions you have and help you pick the best jobsite radio for you.

Here is a round up chart for the top 5 we reviewed below.

Bosch PB360S Jobsite RadioBest sounding jobsite radio9.7/10
Milwaukee 2792-20 M18 Jobsite RadioLoudest jobsite radio for your large crew or big work site9.5/10
DeWalt DCR015 Jobsite RadioBest jobsite radio with maximum charging capability9.4/10
Makita XRM04B Jobsite RadioGood9.2/10
DeWalt DC012 Jobsite RadioGood9.0/10

Stay with me, detailed comparison will follow soon. I promised to offer you a complete buying guide.

I will keep to my words.

In-case you are still not motivated, here are some reason why you should buy a job site radio.

Why Buy A Jobsite Radio?

There are many advantages to owning a jobsite radio. Check out some of the ones below:

  • Liven up your workspace. Jobsite radios liven up your workspace and keep you company while you work. Also, work becomes easier and seems to go by really fast when you have some music to work to.
  • You have a place to hold and store devices like your MP3 player, mobile phone etc. away from the dusty and hot environment of the workplace
  • Some jobsite radios allow you charge some work site tools with batteries same as the radio.
  • Increase productivity as you enjoy soothing music to keep you company when you’re alone and working. Or to build camaraderie within your crew as you all work.

And before you hurriedly go off, here is the most important part of this jobsite radio review.

Choosing the Best Jobsite Radio? Must have features!

There are many features on a jobsite radio from Bluetooth connection to USB charging ports that make choosing one a harder job than it should be.

Here are some features we consider an absolute must on any jobsite radio worth its salt.

Weather resistance

Jobsite radios are made to be weather resistant. They wouldn’t be jobsite radios if they weren’t resistant to the weather. But the degree of resistance varies.

Some jobsite radios can withstand a few drops of water and others can survive a deluge with minimal damage.

The jobsite radio you get should be keep working come rain or sunshine.

Power outlets/Chargers

Can you plug other devices to your jobsite radio? Do you regularly need to charge tools and wish you had a handy charger/radio in one?

If you answer yes to these two questions, then your jobsite radio should be able to do both of these for you.

Type of display

Is the display digital with an LCD screen? Most jobsite radios with digital displays often have clocks and alarms attached. This feature is worth having if you constantly lose track of time while working.

Type of Radio tuner

A proper jobsite radio must have AM/FM pre-sets. Your tuner helps change channels. Do you want an analogue radio tuner which is basically a knob you turn to get the proper station? Or will a digital radio tuner with keys and displays be down your alley.

You get to decide.

Frame protection

Depending on where you plan to keep your radio on your jobsite, a protection frame may or may not be important. If you plan to keep your radio in the car, then a protection frame isn’t necessary but it negates the idea of a jobsite radio.

Things may fall on your radio while in your work space, a protection frame guarantees your jobsite radio will come out the winner against any falling tool.


Another important feature to consider is what kind of battery does your jobsite radio use. Can you use batteries from other tools you own to power the radio?

It’s worth checking out the battery requirements and compatibility of your jobsite radio with tools you already own.

Number of speakers

When it comes to speakers, volume comes into play. How many speakers do you want on your radio? Do you want a subwoofer? Jobsite radios are as advanced as they come.

A radio with two speakers should serve for most people. Most working environment are very loud – Solution louder capacity

Type of connection

This is another feature we think anyone hunting for a jobsite radio should consider. If you plan to play music from your smartphone, your jobsite radio has to be compatible with your phone.

A Bluetooth connection will suffice in that case. If you plan to play music from a USB drive, a USB port is a must have on your jobsite radio.

Figure out the kind of connection you plan to use with your radio, then look for a jobsite radio that has those features.

Having decided what features you want your jobsite radio to have, you are now ready to check out the crème da la crème of jobsite radios.

We weeded out the many products and only five made it to our review list. Check them out.

Quick Review of the FIVE Best Jobsite Radios

1, Bosch PB360S Jobsite Radio Review

Bosch PB360S best Jobsite radio1

The engineers at Bosch have outdone themselves with the PB360S jobsite radio. This is why Bosch PB360S makes our best jobsite radio review list.

This jobsite radio comes with not one but four AC power outlets. A good example of when your worksite radio becomes a portable power outlet for your other power tools. It is great when you have limited extension cords especially in a large work site.

Bosch PB360S comes with four speakers and a subwoofer. Its four speakers project sound in four different directions so you get the 360 surround sound effect. This is particularly helpful if you’re working in a large area or with a large crew.

The PB360S is designed to withstand rain, wind, dust and snow. It has rugged aluminium lined with rubber protection frame. This ensures the radio will survive in the work place even when it’s involved in mishaps.

It would play anything except maybe vinyl. Bosch PB360S comes with external and internal ports for CD, MP3 and Sirius XM. It also has a pre-programmed SD card and an internal USB port for your mobile device.

Weighing just 25lbs, this radio is tough and easy to carry around. It has an LCD display and comes with a 10 AM and 20 FM stations already pre-set. It also has a 12V DC outlet for older music devices.

We love the power versatility on Bosch PB360S. It runs on AC power as well as any 14.4V to 18V Bosch batteries. And it will charge these batteries while connected to an AC power source.

Lack of Bluetooth is the only downside we found on this wonderful jobsite radio. The USB ports and other connections it has made us not miss a Bluetooth connection too much.

Bosch PB360S is rugged and designed especially for the worksite. Anybody who already has Bosch cordless tools would absolutely enjoy all the perks this jobsite radio has to offer. If you do not already have Bosch products, this jobsite radio is more than enough to win you over to the Bosch side of tools.

2, Milwaukee 2792-20 M18 Jobsite Radio Review

Milwaukee 2792-20 M18 Jobsite radio

The makers of the Milwaukee 2792-20 definitely had their heads screwed on right when they created this radio. Here’s why it clinches the second spot on our best jobsite radio reviews.

Milwaukee 2792-20 is one of the few jobsite radios with Bluetooth connectivity on the market today. You can play music, change songs and more on this radio from a 100ft away using your Bluetooth connected device.

Premium sound is the name of the game on the Milwaukee jobsite radio. It comes with two powerful woofers and one tweeter for the best in jobsite radio sound production. A 10 frequency reprogrammable equalizer enables you adjust the sound to your tastes.

In addition to being weather resistant and having frame protection, Milwaukee 2792-20 has its USB port inside a weather proof compartment so you can play music and charge your devices. All away from dusty work environment and the iffy weather.

At 19.5lbs, Milwaukee 2792-20 isn’t the lightest radio. It comes with an LCD display and clock. And it has 12 stations already pre-set.

This radio not only runs on AC power and batteries, it will also charge any Milwaukee M18V batteries it comes across. The best feature is perhaps the bottle opener which comes with this model.

Milwaukee 2792-20 lacks AC power outlets so you can connect and power other tools while this radio is connected to an AC power source. It’s too bad this radio doesn’t have the option of letting you use it as little power grid.

High quality sound, premium features and its longevity are some of the things that make Milwaukee 2792-20 stand out as a good jobsite radio. It is perfect for anyone already running tools from the Milwaukee brand.

3, DeWalt DCR015 Jobsite Radio Review

DeWalt DCR015 Jobsite Radio Review

Something about the DeWalt DCR015 radio screams “you got to have me”. Maybe, it’s just us. Check out why it made our best jobsite radio reviews.

DeWalt DCR015 runs on AC power as well as the DeWalt 12V and 20V batteries. It has two AC power outlets. It doubles as both a tool charger and a radio.

Its two forward facing speakers with subwoofers are not to be sneezed at. They produce high-quality sounds. You won’t even know it has two speakers from the way it sounds in the work place.

Designed to be rugged and weather resistant, DeWalt DCR015 comes with a protection frame. This protection frame also doubles as a carrying handle. DeWalt just killed protection and portability with one feature!

It may not play everything available under the sun. But it covers the basics. It has an external AUX and internal USB ports for your MP3s and other devices.

DeWalt DCR015 weighs just 13lbs. Lightweight and rugged is the word on this model. It has an LCD display that is backlit in green for better visibility. Also has 10FM and 5AM stations pre-set.

The weather proof compartment for your devices such as your smartphone, MP3 etc. that you connect to this radio is a great addition to DeWalt DCR015. All round protection for your other devices while listening to great music.

A better reception will have made this tool world class. Maybe it’s just our location. Great radio all in all.

If you already have DeWalt power tools and want a radio that’s affordable and durable, DeWalt DCR015 is the jobsite radio you cannot afford not to get.

4, Makita XRM04B Jobsite Radio Review

Makita XRM04B Jobsite Radio Review

Makita XRM04B makes an appearance on our best jobsite radio reviews. We bet many Makita loyalists have been waiting for this. Here’s why it’s an awesome radio.

The XRM04B from Makita joins the Milwaukee 2790-20 as the only other jobsite radio with a Bluetooth connection. It enables you remotely control your radio from wherever you are in your workspace. It’s a pretty sweet addition.

Makita knows premium sound quality is what you’re after. This is why this radio has two speakers built into the side of the radio. They also have a great range.

Makita XRM04B is both weather resistant and comes with a protection frame. Unlike other brands, the protection frame is actually protective bumper. This lines the entire frame of the radio.

A USB port to charge your mobile device as well as an AUX port for your MP3 player is included on this model. You can power XRM04B using the 7.2V to 18V slide-style and pod-style Makita batteries.

Weighing just 10.4lbs, Makita XRM04B is the most compact jobsite radio on our reviews. It also comes with an LCD display and a clock.

We’ve definitely talked up this radio; it’s now time for the bad side of it. This radio won’t charge your batteries. It is just a radio that works on Makita batteries. It’s a big bummer really. And the Bluetooth connection fizzles out after 10ft or so.

Makita XRM04B is a good radio. If a compact and sturdy jobsite radio is what you’re in the market for, XRM04B is definitely the radio for you. It’s an even bigger plus if you already own Makita cordless power tools and can save on batteries.

5, DeWalt DC012 Jobsite Radio Review

DeWalt DC012 best Jobsite Radio Review

Look no further than DeWalt DC012 when it comes to the best jobsite radios on the market. There’s a reason it’s number five on our review.

DeWalt DC012 comes with three AC outlets so you can charge other power tools. It can be made cordless since it can run on 7.2V to 18V batteries. It also runs on AC power source.

DC012 has two bass speakers. Its sound projection is top-notch. This is useful in large and very noisy workspaces.

Designed to be weather resistant, DeWalt DC012 is rugged and comes with a protection frame. These features ensure the longevity of your DeWalt jobsite radio. This radio also doubles as a charger for 7.2 to 18V DeWalt batteries, both Ni-Cad and Li-Ion.

Planning on playing music from your MP3? This is no problem as you can connect your iPod or MP3 to the DeWalt DC012 via the AUX port. It also has a USB port.

DeWalt DC012 is very light, weighing just 14lbs. A digital tuner is also found on this radio. And it has a 10 FM and 5 AM stations already pre-set as well as an LCD display with clock.

Our main concern with this radio is the tuner knob. For a new radio, the knob isn’t as sturdy as we hoped it would be. Also, it has no Bluetooth connection at all.

DeWalt DC012 is a good jobsite radio, rugged and tough. Anyone who already owns DeWalt tools will love this radio. It is an awesome addition to any jobsite.

Comparison for the 5 Best Jobsite Radio

Now you can compare them.

Jobsite Radio

Bosch PB360SMilwaukee 2792-20DeWalt DCR015Makita XRM04BDeWalt DC012
AC PowerYesYesYesNoYes
Battery Type14.4V to 18VM18V12V & 20V7.2V to 18V7.2V to 18V
AC Power Outlet4None2None3
USB PortYesYesYesYesYes
AUX PortYesYesYesYesYes
Number of Speakers42222
Preset Stations3012151015
LCD DisplayYesYesYesYesYes
Weight25 lbs19.5 lbs13lbs10.4 lbs14 lbs
Weather ResistantYesYesYesYesYes
Protection FrameYesYesYesYesYes


This is the end of this review and guide. Thanks for sticking with me so far. Here are a few recommendations or round up to help you out if you haven’t decided on which radio is the right fit for you.

  • If you’re in the market for the best sounding jobsite radio out there, Milwaukee 2792-20 is what you should buy. It comes with a 10 setting equalizer as well as two powerful woofers guaranteed to give you the best play action in the field
  • Do you want the loudest jobsite radio for your large crew or big work site? You’d be going wrong buying anything that isn’t Bosch PB360S. It can’t get better than four speakers and a 360 degree sound system.
  • Want to use your radio as a charger as well? Then the best jobsite radio with charger you should buy would be the DeWalt DCR015. Two AC power outlets as well as a USB port ensures you get maximum charging capacity for both your tools and mobile devices.

Still have further questions? Leave us a comment in the section below and we’d get to you as soon as we can.

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