5 Best Golf Rangefinder Reviews 2020, Buying Guide & Comparison

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best golf rangefinder reviewsYou will agree with me:

Calculating accurately and every time the distance to the pole, hazard or obstacle is one bit of a problem for serious golfers.

Here is where a golf rangefinder becomes inevitable if you really want to improve your handicap or serious about golf.

But which golf rangefinder should you buy? Which one is best for amateur, professional, or golfers with a non-steady grip? Which laser rangefinders are accurate and offer a good bang for your bucks?

We compared products from the popular golf rangefinder brands like Bushnell, Leupold, and the ones you have not heard of. After reading this guide, you will be able to make the right decisions. 

Here is a peek at this review:

  • After thorough research, comparison, and analysis, the Bushnell Tour X golf rangefinder stands out and is our best golf laser rangefinder for 2020. This device is tour approved, reasonably priced, and powerful.
  • Another awesome rangefinder is the Bushnell Tour Z6; it is very accurate and fast but on the high side. If you don’t mind your pocket, then add this to your list for consideration.
  • The VPRO500 is our best golf rangefinder for the money. The VPRO500 is efficient, accurate, versatile, and at a pocket-friendly rate. VPRO 500 is our choice or recommendation for a Rangefinder under 200 Buck.
  • If you need an entry-level laser, look at the Tour V4 Jolt (without slope) or the Leupold 120464 RX-650 rangefinder (in the case for multi-use). They both slug it out as the top-rated golf rangefinder for amateur golfers. 

We know you would like to compare the features. So below is also a detailed comparison of the 5 best golf rangefinders plus some similar or alternative options.

Top Rated Golf Laser Rangefinder 2020 – Compared

Golf RangefinderBushnell Tour XBushnell Tour Z6Leupold 120464 RX-650VPRO500Bushnell Tour V4Bushnell Tour V3
USGA TourUSGA approvedUSGA approvedUSGA approvedUSGA approvedUSGA approvedUSGA approved
Yards to flag450 yards to flag450 yards to flag350 yards to flag540 yards to flag540 yards to flag400 yards to flag
Max Range (yard coverage)1,300 yards1,300 yards650 yards5 - 540 yards1,000 yards1,000 yards
Ranging Accuracy0.5 yard0.5 yard1 yard0.5 yard1 yard1 yard
TechnologyJOLT with PinseekerJOLT +Pinseeker
Micro LaserPinsensor TechnologyPinseeker with JoltJolt Technology
MagnificationZoom 6XZoom 6XZoom 6XZoom 6XZoom 6XZoom 5X
SlopeMulti ModeNoNoNoDepends - VersionsNo
TounamentLegal - BlackLegalLegalLegalIllegal - with SlopeLegal
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Some FAQ About Laser Range Finders

Read - How we Compared

If you would like to know, we compared based on the following parameters.

USGA Tour: This line shows whether your golf rangefinder is USGA approved for tournaments or not.

Yard to Flag: This line shows the distance to the flag, a golf rangefinder can measure precisely.

Maximum range: The coverage of the golf rangefinder is indicated in yards here. The line shows the range of the golf rangefinder’s yard measurement.

Ranging Accuracy: This line shows the exact accuracy of the golf laser rangefinder

Weight: The weight of your rangefinder matters a lot. A heavy golf rangefinder could affect your game adversely. This line shows the weight of each golf rangefinder compared in our best golf rangefinder review.

Technology: This line shows the technology a golf rangefinder is built with. Some come with Jolt, slope, vivid display, or pin-seeker technology. Others come with a combination of two technologies.

Magnification: This shows the number of times a golf rangefinder can be zoomed for clearer visibility. Some golf rangefinders come with 7X magnification, while others have 6X magnifications or less.


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What is Golf Rangefinder?

A golf rangefinder is an electronic device employed to improve accuracy in the golf game. It helps the player on a golf course, to perfectly define the distance to the pole or flag.

what is a golf rangefinder

Golf rangefinder is called golf laser rangefinder because of the technology used in manufacturing it.

It is highly recommended for golfers trying to improve their games, reduce handicap and save time to acquire a golf laser rangefinder.

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Why buy a Golf Laser Rangefinder?

With a golf laser rangefinder, you can easily find any distance to any target. You also enjoy greater flexibility and exceptional accuracy amongst others.

Say NO to subscriptions

When you buy a golf laser rangefinder, you do not spend more than the purchase price. You do not have to subscribe monthly or yearly. All you do is to enjoy the device and improve your game.

Better Accuracy

The basic strength of the golf laser Rangefinder is that it is exceptionally accurate. A lot of golfers find the golf rangefinders more accurate than some GPS devices.

Downloading Courses – Unnecessary

You do not have to download courses when you buy a golf laser rangefinder. Therefore, it is absolutely unnecessary to download, upload or update golf courses.


A golf laser rangefinder allows you to readily find distance on any target. This gives room for flexibility. All you need to do is point no matter the golf course.

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Competing with your Golf Laser Rangefinder – Legal or Not?

If you are (or will be) playing golf professionally, your device should conform to the joint USGA / R&A rules and decision. It should be in line with the rules that allows or disallows GPS and laser rangefinders to be used.

Rules of using a Laser Golf Rangefinder

Rule 14/3b “prohibits a player from using any artificial device or unusual equipment for gauging or measuring distance or conditions that might affect his play.”

This automatically makes all laser rangefinders and golf GPS against the rules. However, Decision 14-3/0.5 was created in 2006. This decision gives the option of adding a local rule to tournament committees. The rule allows “distance-measuring devices.” Thus, making artificial devices that measures only distances to be permitted.

Any device that measures anything other than distance is prohibited even if you’re not using those other features. Examples of such devices are rangefinders with slope technology.

Many organized golf tournaments use the local rule. There are still some elite professional events and some high-level amateur events that do not adopt the local rule. Pay attention to this when buying.

What differentiates a hunting rangefinder from a Golf rangefinder? That’s what will be answered next since you already know the legality of rangefinders.

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Hunting Rangefinder Vs Golf Laser Rangefinder

A typical hunting laser rangefinder uses software equipped with the “distance target priority.” This enables the device to ignore close objects but rather seeks distant objects. The manufacturers sometimes call this bush mode or zip mode. Hunting rangefinder is more appropriate when you seek game beyond the bush.

golf rangefinder vs hunting

A golf laser rangefinder, on the other hand, uses software application generally referred to as “nearest target priority.” This makes the laser rangefinder to seek the nearest target or flag automatically. The device ignores other objects beyond the flag.

You can use a single laser rangefinder for both hunting and golf. You just have to be careful to choose a laser rangefinder that has the appropriate menu options for both golf and hunting.

Having that in mind – Here is our top5 review plus some other alternative we consider to be top notch and offers great value.

Five Best Golf Rangefinder Reviews 2020

Bushnell Tour X Review Editor’s Best Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Tour X Review- Editors Best Golf Rangefinder

To be frank with you Bushnell Tour X cannot be anywhere except the top of this list. Un-compared to other Bushnell line, this rangefinder is the combination of all the best features in other Bushnell laser rangefinders.

With these, as emphasized by GolfWrx – “Bushnell will continue to maintain the 11 years No 1 spot on PGA Tour.”

The biggest addition to this golfer’s best friend is the interchangeable faceplates. This feature is in compliance with the golf’s ruling body even though it comes packaged with slope technology.

How is that possible?

With the new faceplate, you can activate and deactivate the measurement of elevation to achieve the best with every swing.

What’s special?

Tour X has a range of 5 yards to 1300 yards and 450 yards to the flag. When you are using the black faceplate of the finder to measure distance, you are still on the right side of the law. Want the slope technology? Then go all red.

When it comes to size, the Tour X is 1.5 x 4 x 3 inches in dimension and weighs just 8oz. At this small weight, you can easily swing it around without feeling extra on the hand.

Out of the ordinary?

The Jolt technology on the Tour X is still the best available with the ease of use, accuracy, and precision. Just point it at your target, it will automatically lock on the target and vibrate anytime you hit the target.

What’s more?

You won’t have to hurt your eyes on the vivid display, and you have a 6x magnification to locate even the hardest of targets.

The Bad!!

One issue is the high price. If you can overlook this price; you have in your possession a tool for top golfers.

Tour X is meant for serious golfers. If you intend to step up your game, this is the Best Laser Rangefinder you need.

Features Recap:

  • Maximum Range of 1300 Yard
  • 450 Yard from the Flag
  • E.S.P 2
  • Dual Display Technology
  • 6x Magnification
  • Pin-seeker With Jolt
  • +/- 0.5 ranging accuracy
  • 8 oz Weight
  • Slope Conversion Technology


Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Laser Rangefinder Review – (Best with Jolt – Good Value)

Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Laser Rangefinder Review – Best with Jolt

We consider this golf rangefinder one of the best you can find in the market. The Bushnell Tour Z6 golf rangefinder will blow you away in just a few minutes. Tour Z6 makes it very easy for you to see clearly on cloudy days.

One thing we like about the Bushnell Tour Z6 golf laser rangefinder is that it ignores the background clutters. It is a very fast device. Just press the button and bang! You’ll get the yardage. Tour Z6 has maximum yard coverage of 1,300 yards and also measures 450yards to the flag. Compared to the Tour X, it weighs 0.1 oz less (7.9 oz)

The best part!

The JOLT feature of the Bushnell Tour Z6 golf rangefinder is hot. This feature is an update on the initial Bushnell. The new Tour Z6 JOLT enables you to quickly lock on the target. Jolt technology is an incredible addition to the already outstanding gadget.

Even if you don’t have a steady grip, the rangefinder would vibrate and automatically lock on the target.

Worrying about the size of the object? Never mind, the Tour Z6 golf rangefinder has a 6X magnification and a Vivid Display Technology. The device provides faster readings when compared to other devices.

What’s the bottom line?

Bushnell Tour Z6 Jolt has its own limitations.

The Bad!!

You may have issue with the feel or grip if you have a big hand due to its small size.

We strongly recommend this golf laser rangefinder to avid and pro golfers. Considering all the features it has, it is reasonably priced.

Features Recap:

  • Max ranging capacity of 1,300 Yard
  • 450 Yards to Flag
  • 6x Magnification
  • Vivid Display Technology
  • Jolt with Lock and Vibration
  • 0.5 Yard accuracy
  • 7.9 oz weight  

VPRO500 ReviewBest Budget Golf Laser Rangefinder under 200

VPRO500 Review – Best Budget Golf Laser Rangefinder under 200

VPRO500 is very efficient in pinpointing targets. This Golf Rangefinder provides accurate measurements of up to 550 yards. It also has a very sleek and soft superficial coating.

The VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder has a high-tech Optics with six times magnification that brings everything close. It also has a ranging accuracy of +/- 0.5 yard. The device’s finger intuitive mode of operation and the multi-coated optics take it a notch higher.

What’s the real story?

This golf laser rangefinder uses trio modes to locate pin making it unique and worth buying. VPRO500 has “First Target Priority.” FTP makes it focus on the flagstick irrespective of any distractions in the background.

That’s not all

VPRO500 also has an Auto-Target Acquisition Tech. The tech gives the golf rangefinder the ability to slough off the signals coming from other large objects on the course.  This makes the device to focus only on any target that you wish.

For those who play professionally VPRO500 golf Laser rangefinder is USGA tour approved and can measures up to 540 yards to flag.  What you will find exceptional is the advanced pin detector technology that makes identifying overlapping objects easy.

VPRO500 golf rangefinder weighs only 7.0 oz. making it, one of the lightest rangefinders you will find today.

Even though light, it is very sturdy and durable. Lastly, it comes with a glossy surface that prevents the accumulation of dust and particles. 

Any shortcomings?

The Bad!!

Despite the numerous features, it packs, this device lack of water-resistant coating is a disadvantage.

Knowing it will be used in unpredictable weather conditions, durability should not be sacrificed for cheapness.

Do you want a good golf laser range finder that will save you some money? The VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder is all you need. VPRO500 is a perfect golf rangefinder for the pocket conscious golfer.

Features Recap:

  • 540 Yard with continuous scan mode
  • 6x Magnification
  • 24mm Objective lens
  • +/- 0.5-yard accuracy
  • First Target Priority
  • 7.0oz
  • 7 degrees’ field of view

Bushnell Tour V4 Golf Rangefinder Review – Upgraded Tour V3

Bushnell Tour V4 Golf Range finder – Best Hybrid Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Tour V4 comes as the successor of the popular and widely used Bushnell Tour V3. But the Tour V4 is a worthy successor that outruns the V3 in many ways than just the 30 percent decrease in size.

Whether it’s in your hand or pocket, the V4 will slide in perfectly without squeaking. The shape also makes gripping easy with a rough and contoured design. Tour V4 came in two versions; the slope version measures the impact of distance on a slope making it legal for competitions.

What is more?

Bushnell Tour V4 Slope (there are other versions without slope) has a 5x magnification and +/- 1-yard accuracy. With a fast focus system, the Tour V4 covers a distance up to 1,000 yards and 400+ yards to a flag.

The best part!

The Tour V4 is in line with rule 14-3 which states that slope lasers can be used in competitions so far, the function is not in use and local rules permits the use.

Tour V4 is fast, comes in an improved casing and even ranges non-flag. MyGolfSpy

That’s not all about the V4

Another plus is the stiff dial placed in front of the eyepiece that controls the focus.

Switching between what is legal and illegal is now very easy – click and hold the power button to disable the slope function.  This is very easy as it allows you to compete in every competition legally.

The Bad!!

The little drawback of the V4 Slope is the price. You can opt for other versions  of Tour V4 without slope for a cheaper price if you don’t need this function 

If you can overlook the price the Bushnell Tour V4’s great size, weight, and arrays of fantastic features will deliver with excellence at every use.

Features Recap:

  • Maximum Range of 1000 Yard
  • 400 Yard to flag
  • +/- 1-yard accuracy
  • 5x Magnification
  • Fast Focus System
  • Pin Seeker with Jolt
  • Pro Certified
  • Premium Carry case
  • 7.4oz weight

Leupold 120464 RX – 650  – Golf and Hunting Laser Rangefinder for Amateurs)

Leupold 120464 RX - 650 – Best Golf Laser Rangefinder for Amateurs

Not so many digital lasers pack the simplicity yet sophistication that the Leupold 120464 RX-650 possesses. Every one of the features is real and practical; ready to suit your desire in a rangefinder.

There are many features to play in the RX-650. The optics are fully multi-coated and magnification can be set to a maximum of x6. This rangefinder also has scan mode with fast focus eyepiece.

Though this is presented as a 650-yard rangefinder, you will find your target at an extra 350 yard. RX-650 is small and compact with a rubberized panel that ensures a good grip.

That is not all

The simplicity of this rangefinder is ensured by the single button control which makes maneuvering swift and easy. The black LCD screen delivers a clutter-free display which is one of the best in any budget-friendly rangefinders.

What’s the point?

The most outstanding merit of this rangefinder is the simple set-up and the clutter-free display which most other Leupold rangefinders lack.

The Bad!!

The downside of the RX-650 is the absence of angle compensation and target priority. In reality, no budget or multi-use rangefinder has either of these features.

In summary, the RX-650 is an entry level multi-use rangefinder that comes with no frills and freaks, but it delivers with every bit of the simple features it possesses.

Features Recap:

  • Maximum Range of 650 yard
  • 300 yard to flag
  • +/- 1-yard accuracy
  • Waterproof design
  • 6x Magnification
  • CR2 battery
  • Single Button Control
  • LCD Screen
  • 6.3 oz

Other Good Alternatives to our Top5 Laser Rangefinder 2020

You can further consider the following rangefinders as a good alternative to the 5 Best golf laser rangefinders.

Bushnell Tour V3 Standard Edition Golf Rangefinder Review – Entry Level (Alternative to Tour V4)

Bushnell Tour V3 Standard Edition Golf Rangefinder

The Tour V3 Standard Edition of Bushnell is another good golf rangefinder. Amazingly, the device is the most sorts after golf rangefinder. This is obviously because of the price, improved battery life reviews score and speed.

Bushnell Tour V3 standard edition is an improvement on the Bushnell Tour V2 edition model. The Tour V3 golf rangefinder works with Pin-Seeking and Jolt technology.

What’s special?

The Jolt technology makes the rangefinder vibrate to indicate the completion of a Pin-seeking process. Bushnell Tour V3 standard edition is tour certified making it apt for professional golfers.

It weighs 6.6 oz and has a dimension of 1.6×4.3×2.8. Tour V3 has multi-coated optics and features 5x magnifications.

That’s not all:

Bushnell Tour V3 standard edition golf laser rangefinder comes with a 3-volt lithium battery, a built-in tripod mount with two years warranty.

Price and battery life has made the V3 a best seller. usgolfpro

This golf rangefinder is USGA approved and measures 300 yards to the flag. Bushnell Tour V3 golf rangefinder has a ranging accuracy of 1 yard with maximum range coverage of 1000 yards.

The Bad!!

One noticeable downside of this rangefinder is the 5x magnification, at a time where many rangefinders have 6x magnification – asking for more would not be bad.

Another issue of the Bushnell Tour V3 is the single role performed by the Jolt technology and Pinseeker – the two should augment each other not a separate feature.

If you want an entry-level golf range finder and cannot afford the new tour V4 slope, then choose the Tour V3. V3 might be more expensive as it is being out phased. Though the device is perfect for the amateur golfer, we highly recommend you go for the tour v4 Jolt (without slope). If you really need the tour v3, you can try the link below.

Features Recap:

  • 1000 yards’ coverage
  • 5x Magnification
  • 1-yard accuracy
  • Weight of 6.6oz
  • 300 yards to the flag
  • 3v lithium battery
  • Built-in tripod

Leupold Gx-3i Series Golf Rangefinder – Very Fast (Alternative to Leupold RX – 650)

Leupold Gx-3i Series Golf Rangefinder

The Leupold GX-3i series golf laser rangefinder is a tour certified rangefinder. This golf laser rangefinder is made with Pin-Hunter technology which offers prism lock feature.

Pin-Hunter technology helps in ignoring the background clutter while it precisely targets the flagstick.

The real gist:

Leupold GX-3i laser rangefinder weighs just 7.8 oz. and has a dimension of 3.7×2.9×1.3. The maximum range of Leupold GX-3i series golf laser rangefinder for targets with prism reflector is 700 yards/731 meters. For trees, the maximum range is 600 yards/ 549 meters.

For other targets, the maximum range is 450 yards/411 meters. The GX-3i series has a ranging accuracy of +/- 0.5 yards.

Is that all?

Leupold GX-3i golf rangefinder comes with a fog mode. With this feature, you can easily screen out any false readings due to any atmospheric interference.

GX-3i series golf rangefinder has a CR-2 lithium battery and comes packed with two years warranty.

The Bad!!

Apart from the high price tag, Leupold GX-3i is highly sensitive to other objects such as trees and flagsticks. You may also be distracted by the blinking distance reading.

If you want a golf rangefinder that is sleek and modern, you should buy the Leupold GX-3i series golf laser rangefinder.

Features Recap:

  • 450 yards to the flag
  • Maximum Range of 700 yards
  • Ranging accuracy of +/- 0.5 yard
  • 7.8 oz
  • Pin-Hunter Technology
  • Zoom 6X
  • CR2 Battery
  • Leopold HD Optics


Bushnell Pro X7 Slope Golf Rangefinder Review (JOLT) – Best Golf Distance Finder with Slope

Bushnell Pro X7 Slope Golf Rangefinder - Best Golf Distance Finder with Slope

The Bushnell Pro X7 golf rangefinder is another bang! It is a must-have for die-hard golf lovers.

Take it or leave it, the Bushnell X7 is one the best golf rangefinder you’ll find today. This golf rangefinder didn’t make our top spot because it is USGA unapproved for a professional tournament. This is because of its slope technology.

Here’s the kicker:

You will get the distance to your target in less than 3 seconds of pressing the bottom. The golf rangefinder has exceptionally fast distance calculation. It is very accurate up to 1/2 yard.

The JOLT technology gives a bursting sound-vibration that indicates you have hit your target. Pro X7 slope golf rangefinder can measure distance up to 550 yards.

Is that all? Not at all

X7 golf laser rangefinder is built with the latest technology; Vivid Display Technology (VDT) and Extreme speed precision (ESP). The device provides compensated detachment to sloppy terrains.

Pro X7 offers enhanced capabilities in terms of faster and accurate readings. rangefindersadvice

Bushnell Pro X7 HD Optics allows for 7x Magnification. No matter the weather condition, the display is crystal clear and very bright.

What are the flaws?

The Bad!!

In terms of flaws, Pro X7 looks bulky.

Apart from the bulkiness, the rangefinder is a bit pricey than most others.

Although the device is a little expensive, it is a must-have for any hobby golfer. Get this and wow your friends.

Features Recap:

  • 300 yards to the flag
  • 5 – 1,000 yards
  • 1/2 ranging yard accuracy
  • 6.6 oz
  • Jolt Technology
  • +Pinseeker
  • Zoom 7X Magnification


We’ve given you more than Five Best Golf Rangefinders, but we will not stop there in helping you decide. Here are some factors to consider. 

Choosing the Best Golf Rangefinder – Factors you must consider

Consider before buying any golf rangefinder.

Range/Yard Coverage

One of the things you need to check before buying a golf laser rangefinder is the range or yard coverage. All golf rangefinders have a maximum range or yard coverage. And this coverage differs, so you should check for devices with larger coverage.

It is not advisable to buy a golf rangefinder that you cannot use because the range or yard coverage is not large enough to cover your course.

Many golf rangefinders that are available in the market today covers 1-1500 yards. A few others cover the range of 1000 yards to 900 meters.


Golfing is all about accuracy and perfection. Almost all the golf rangefinder producers claim that their rangefinder has accuracy within a yard. This is not true with some of the products you will find in the market.  We will make an appropriate recommendation

In summary, you should consider a golf laser rangefinder with at least a ranging accuracy of +/ -1, if you seek to improve your game. 

Battery Life 

Battery life is a vital factor to consider when buying any rechargeable device. It is important for you to check and make sure that the laser rangefinder you want to buy can allow you to carry as many swings as possible.

It makes no sense if your battery is empty after a few minutes of play. It’s even more frustrating when you purchase the device at an expensive rate and the battery is difficult to change.

It is advisable to compare the battery life for each brand and check what other customers are saying about the battery. Our comparison below would help you to compare our top 5.


Your budget is very crucial. The price for some regular rangefinder ranges from $120 – $700. You can purchase a cheaper golf laser rangefinder that also offers more value. Look out for special discounts.

You can sometimes get up to 50% price discount for a golf laser rangefinder if you purchase at the right time.

Is it tournament approved? 

It is important for you to know that not all golf laser rangefinders are approved for tournaments. You must make sure that the golf rangefinder you are buying is tournament approved.

It could be very painful when you buy an expensive product and couldn’t use it for a tournament you probably procured it for.

Ease of use

It makes no sense to have a highly complex range of features that are difficult to use while playing. In our best golf rangefinder review, we considered the ease of use.

Simplicity is necessary, especially in the game of golf where every time counts. A good golf rangefinder must be easy to use.

Size and Weight

It is very important to be able to move around freely when you are playing golf. If you have a rangefinder that has less weight, portable, and most importantly fits the hands or grip. Then you will enjoy golfing and playing with your tools.



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We hope this review has been helpful.

If you finally got one, send us your feedback. We would love to share your experience

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