5 Best Golf GPS Watch Reviews for 2020

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Last updated on June 14th, 2020 at 11:29 am

The era of locating distances with a pin caddie is gone, a time when you pay course update fees and annual subscriptions.

There are lots of comfortable flexible golf GPS watches in the market. The icing on the cake is that you do not have to pay subscriptions or update fees on any of the best golf GPS devices reviewed and compared below.

best golf gps watch reviews
best golf gps watch reviews

 The 5 Best Golf GPS Watch Devices Comparison

We have made seven comparisons from our best Golf GPS watch review.

Golf GPS Watch/DevicesThe Expresso WR67GolfBuddy Voice plusGarmin Approach G8Bushnell Neo XGarmin Approach S2
Preloaded courses32,50035,000380003300038000
Battery Life15 hours10 hours17 hours15 hours +11 Hours
Tee Time AlarmYesYesYesYesYes
Measures Distance to hazardYesNoNoYesNo

Five Best Golf GPS Watch Reviews for 2020

1,  The Expresso WR67 Golf GPS Watch

Expresso WR67 Golf GPS Watch
Expresso WR67 Golf GPS Watch

Expresso WR67 golf GPS Watch is hot! This golf GPS watch is unmatched on the market. It is definitely our top choice. This golf GPS watch is very easy to use even on sunny days. The screen is glare enough to make you very comfortable.

 The golf GPS watch is very fashionable to have on your wrist as a normal watch. You can wear it as an everyday watch. It feels good on the wrist. The Expresso WR67 golf GPS watch is exceptionally accurate and is very light in weight.

 The distance marker could be used with shag balls for speed, time, or distance on other sporting events. The Expresso WR67 has a dual processor and 27 multi-channel receivers which makes it exceptional.

 The auto-advance feature is great; it never missed advancing to the next hole during our trial. As expected, the Expresso WR67 golf GPS watch measures the distance to the center, back, and front of the green. It also shows distance to hazard.

The golf GPS watch also comes preloaded with over 32,500 courses. The battery life is very good. When completely charged, the power lasts for 3 rounds. (About 15 hours)

 For all this feature we can admit that the Expresso WR67 golf GPS watch is a good value for money. It has some other features such as stopwatch, short marker, and built-in alarm for tee times. We find this device very user friendly. It gives you the distance you traveled. It also specifies the time it took you to complete your round.

 From our best golf GPS watch review; we rate this product the best. It is the perfect golf GPS watch for anyone who wants an excellent device at a considerable or reasonable rate.

Buy Expresso WR67 from Amazon

2,  GolfBuddy Voice plus – Golf GPS Watch Review

GolfBuddy Voice plus – Golf GPS Watch Review
GolfBuddy Voice plus – Golf GPS Watch Review

The GolfBuddy Voice plus is another bang. This golf GPS watch is very basic. You do not have to connect to a computer to download anything, you do not have to wait for uploads. No-fuss! Just awesome!

The GolfBuddy Voice plus golf GPS watch does a really good job calculating the distance from the golfer to the hole. Not a lot of extras, but yardage reading right on.

You get to use it as soon as it gets out of the box! Just go to the course, switch it on, go to the tee box for the first hole, and you can immediately get the distance to the hole.

To provide you with maximum comfort, this golf GPS watch comes equipped with a comfortable silicone wristband. This makes it good to be worn as a wristwatch. You do not have to carry any time device, because the golf GPS watch also displays real-time.

With just a press on the button, you get the hole number, distance to the front, back, and center of the green.

This golf GPS watch’s units are enabled to display on the main screen or read the distance to the green directly via integrated enhancements of the Voice+ software. You can turn the volume off if you don’t want the sound distraction on the device.

With a clip on the back of the GolfBuddy Voice plus, you can comfortably clip the device to your belt, your hat, or where ever you want. This great product is quite easy to read under direct sunlight. It can also track the distance of your shot. The GolfBuddy Voice plus is very comfortable to wear.

You can get at least 18 holes on 1 charge. The GolfBuddy Voice plus is fantastic for those that want a simple device that can perform the basic function of measuring the distance to the hole, front, center, and back of the green.

Buy GolfBuddy Voice from Amazon

3,  Garmin Approach G8 – Golf GPS Watch review

Garmin Approach G8 - Golf GPS Watch review
Garmin Approach G8 – Golf GPS Watch review

This golf GPS device is very durable and sleek. It comes with lots of whistles and bells.

The Garmin Approach G8 is absolutely simple. It is one of the most featured packed best golf GPS watches. It has a very responsive touch-screen, showing the distance to the front, middle and back yardages. The display is very clear.

Even in bright sunlight, Garmin G8’s visibility is absolutely amazing. The operations are simple. Whilst you progress around the course, it automatically changes from hole to hole.

If you are a fashion freak, you can buy extra straps for this watch. With the supplied connector, it is very easy to connect to your computer and update courses.

To have an expanded view of the green, you just press one of two buttons on the G8 at any time. To return to the hole (view), all you’ve got to do is: press the button again. The device is also very light, making it easy to carry, clip to your belt, or stuck in the pocket.

With the Garmin G8, you have free Wi-Fi course updates for life. It starts with precise distances for 38,000 international courses. It’s very easy to get the distance to the target, adjust for downhill or uphill shots. It has helpful features like; scorecards, Pin-Pointer, smart notification wireless signal connectivity to iPhone, computer score review, and layup arcs. One useful feature is that you can easily find the distance to anyplace on the course by touching the trap or green.

Approach G8 has a Club selection feature that gives recommendations on which club to use based on distance. Plus, you can customize the names of your clubs.

What more would you ask for your golf GPS device? The battery life of the Gamin G8 is very amazing. When fully charged, it can last three to four rounds.

You should get this device if you are looking for a clip-able handheld, touch screen GPS device that offers more than the basic.

Buy Approach G8 from Amazon

4,  Bushnell Neo X – Golf GPS Watch Review

Bushnell Neo X - Golf GPS Watch Review
Bushnell Neo X – Golf GPS Watch Review

The Bushnell Neo X is a very good golf GPS watch. It is very intuitive & simple to use. The tee time feature is extremely useful. This golf GPS watch is very light; one could hardly feel it while playing.

It is actually lighter than the other devices. The distances are very accurate. When you approach the next tee box, the watch will advance to the next hole. A real easy push of a button, it’s back to the hole you are on.

The Bushnell NEO X golf GPS watch is unique because the battery life is way longer than most of the competitors. It has exceptional battery life. When the battery is fully charged, you can complete 3 rounds for 15 hours play without recharging the battery.

This device is highly recommended for the older folks: it has a huge number display. You don’t have to strain your eyes to see them. It seems to be designed for playing under all conditions.  This golf GPS watch is quite easy to read even under direct sunshine.

Bushnell’s NEO-X Golf GPS Watch is preloaded with over 33,000 courses in more than 30 countries. You do not have to subscribe monthly or yearly. You do not have to pay any membership fee. You don’t even have to download anything. The device just set itself automatically to the hole being played. After which it proceeds to show the distance to the front, how far it is to the back and center of the green.

With this golf GPS watch, you can measure layups and doglegs, but the distance to hazard is limited to 2 per hole. The Bushnell NEO X comes with an adaptable strap that can fit any wrist. So you don’t have to border about the size of your wrist.

If you are a runner, this device is a must-have for you. It has some basic powerful features for running. It also has several options to measure the distance of each shot.

If you are comfortable with just knowing the distance to the center, back and front of the green, you might want to consider buying this product. The Neo X is so light on the wrist that you will forget you are wearing a golf GPS watch.

Buy Bushnell NEO X from Amazon

5,  Garmin Approach S2 – Golf GPS Watch Reviews

Garmin Approach S2 – Golf GPS Watch
Garmin Approach S2 – Golf GPS Watch

The Garmin Approach S2 is a great addition to anyone’s golfing gadgets. Although the golf GPS watch seems a little bigger, it is light in weight.

This golf GPS watch is very easy and comfortable to use. The device quality is good in all aspects. It has an all-round tool to speed up your round. It automatically finds the course when you turn the device on. The alarm could be used for a tee time. You can use the Garmin Approach S2 for the purpose of a watch.

Garmin Approach S2 golf GPS watch comes with a variety of colorful bands available to customize its look. It even has a female version. The white ones with purple trim are perfect for ladies; they look very flashy and beautiful.

This golf GPS watch has the ability to measure shot distances. The distances are consistently accurate. Garmin S2 can measure distances to the center, front, and back of the green. It is a very fantastic device, with a high-sensitivity GPS receiver.

Garmin Approach S2 – Golf GPS Watch Reviews
Garmin Approach S2 – Golf GPS Watch Reviews

The golf GPS watch is complemented with an alarm so that you will never miss a tee time. Garmin Approach S2 comes with a digital scorecard that easily keeps track of your score. It has an odometer to track how far you’ve gone amongst others.

Garmin S2 golf GPS watch comes preloaded with 38,000 courses worldwide. The rechargeable Lithium polymer battery gives you 8 to 10 hours of play just enough to finish one round.

Need a terrific database of available courses, no-nonsense basics with free updates, or quick information about the distance to green? This device is perfect for you.

If you are a lady, the Garmin Approach S2 is the perfect choice for you. Get one and get out on those fairways.

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The above five golf GPS watch or devices are presently the best in the market. You will enjoy your game with any of these devices.

After thorough experimentation and careful observation from our best golf GPS watch review, we have come up with the following recommendations.

The best golf GPS watch that any golfer must-have is the Expresso WR67. It is the perfect golf GPS watch for anyone who wants an excellent golfing gadget at a reasonable rate.

A very good alternative to the Expresso WR67 is the GolfBuddy Voice plus with all the basic functions required for golfing.

Finally, if you are looking for a golf GPS watch that has a very long battery life, the Garmin Approach G8 is highly recommended for you. The Garmin Approach G8 can last 17 hours when fully charged.

Advantages of Golf GPS watch over Laser Rangefinder

When buying a Golf GPS device for easy golfing, two choices are available to you; A golf GPS watch devices or a Golf Laser Rangefinder.

Some people argue in favor of the laser rangefinder, but advancement in GPS system, price, and competition have proved that buying a golf GPS watch is a better choice. The reasons are not farfetched;

No Wobbling or Security Problems

You wouldn’t need a precise eye or accurately steady hands to use a golf GPS watch device like you would with a rangefinder. It is very easy to use the golf GPS watch but using a laser rangefinder is much more time-consuming. The golf GPS watch is right there on your wrist, making it possible for you to access it conveniently.

Aim – Not a must

You don’t have to point a golf GPS watch at a target to get the yardage reading that, you would have to with a laser rangefinder. The golf GPS watch device would help you track your time of play and distance covered and speed. Some golf GPS watch can even record your score.

Avoiding Background Objects – Not Necessary

The laser rangefinder requires you to truly have a steady hand; otherwise, you can choose up a sapling rather than the flag.

On the other hand, when you have the Golf GPS watch, you walk-up and have a peek to get yardages.

Higher Confidence

Having a golf GPS watch motivates users. It gives them more confidence. Things just go smoothly. You get to hit the ball so well since you can actually assess the correctness.

Top & Rear Yardages to the green – At your fingertip

The pin distance is not the only thing to consider when you are trying to hit the spot. A golf GPS watch that informs you about the front and rear of yardages are just perfect.

With one click of a button, you have instant reference to distant information. They obviously can help you get the exact yardage to the hole.

Think like a Professional Golfer

The golf GPS watch encourages smart golfing because it has the ability to help you know the yardage to that particular “smart” spot.

It is vital to understand that your game can be improved by a golf GPS watch because the device provides information that enhances better class management.

Ok. Now that you know the advantages of the  Golf GPS device over the Laser Rangefinder, you probably have decided to buy one. Here are the factors you need to consider before buying one?

Choosing the Best Golf GPS Watch – What you should consider

The following are very important to consider when choosing a golf GPS watch.

Distance to Green/Hazard

The most vital features that you should expect from a good GPS watch is the distance to the green (from the centre, front or back) and the distance to hazards.

You would have to decide if you need both but every Golf GPS watch or device has the possibility of measuring the distance to the green. A golf GPS watch with distance to hazard often cost more.

Ease of use

It makes no sense to have a highly complex range of features that are difficult to use while playing.

In our best golf GPS watch review; we considered the ease of use. Simplicity is necessary, especially in the game of golf where every time counts. The best golf GPS watch must be easy to use.

With a simple click of a button or touch on the screen, you should be able to navigate to get your distance to green or hazard. With some devices, it would be a simple turn of your wrist and there you have it!

 Battery life

Battery life is very essential. You don’t want to play one round and woops, the battery’s out. After all, what’s the essence of the device if you don’t use it because of poor power management. We calculated the average rounds each of our tested golf GPS watches would take or the number of holes it would cover before the battery runs out. You will find it in our comparison below.


Check to be sure you are not buying a golf GPS watch that will cost you a monthly, yearly subscription or course update fee.

There are top products from good brands in the market with outstanding accuracy in measuring the distance to any point without any attached fees.


When deciding which golf GPS watch to buy, it is important to make sure that the one you purchase is an all-weather bearing design. A waterproof golf GPS watch is highly essential for a rainy day. For the typical sunny days, you would probably want an anti-glare screen to make things easier.

 Preloaded courses

Another vital quality to consider is a golf GPS watch that can cover almost all the courses around the world. A lot is changing in this competitive world. We really don’t know where the PGA tour would be played in the next 10 years.

The bottom line is that whether you are traveling to somewhere around the globe or playing in a little country golf course, you need a golf GPS watch that can cover the course accurately.


Make sure you get value for the money you put in by comparing the products available. Price does play a great role. You wouldn’t want to buy a golf GPS watch that does not satisfy you at an exorbitant price.


Tech loving golfers might like to have special features such as; smart Notification, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Scorecards, Club suggestion, and Alarm for Tee Times. These are add-ons that are quite good but really not a necessity.

If you are a tech freak, a golf GPS watch with special add-ons would give you maximum experience.


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