5 Best Android Flashlight App that could save your life

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Last updated on April 26th, 2020 at 06:12 am

Have you ever been in a situation where you need a flashlight but don’t have one? Maybe you were driving along a dark road and you got a flat tire, battery issues or there were a storm and power suddenly went off.

best flashlight app for android

There could be much reason; you name it!

An Android flashlight app could just be your saving grace or easiest solution at that precious moment when life or time is of value.

There are many android flashlight apps on play store, but which one should you install or let’s put it which is the best android flashlight app. Now stay with me as I dive into the world of flashlight apps on Google play store. I will quickly reveal the 5 best android flashlight app and let you know my favorite.

I had to install over 10 android flashlights on my HTC One M8 device and I am testing them for you.

1 Super Bright LED Flashlight

Super Bright LED flashlight

On the number one spot for the best android flashlight app is the Super Bright LED Flashlight. As the name implies this android flashlight app is super awesome. It has a very nice design and does not freeze like other android flashlight apps.

The moment you turn the app ON everywhere is lighted up. The probe set has an option from 0 – 9. 0 is the default setting for the light. The volume can also be turned off, though by default it is active.

For the flashing part or flash delay, you choose an option from 1 – 9 by sliding your thumbs to the left of the strobe. On a downside though there is no option to reduce or decrease the brightness. This is an incredible flashlight, free, very easy to use, and does what it promises.

Download Super Bright LED flashlight (Google App Store)

2, Torch Tiny Flashlight

best flashlight app22

Say what you want to say, this flashlight app is wonderful. There is no such kind of Google app store. It comes with so many bells and whistle. The only reason it’s not at the top is that it is not so easy to use toppled with a frequent request for user’s feedback.

Aside from all this, you will love it. I spent more time playing and testing this app because it has so many features. However, for many; “flashlight is a flashlight” and the main purpose would be for emergency or situation purposes.

Generally, for a young adult, this would be super fun to use. Unlike the super bright Led flashlight, you can adjust brightness intensity. One thing I really love is the battery gauge. On the screen, you can see how much charge you got left. 

The ad position is OK and not intrusive. The design looks clean and it got a beautiful power bottom. There is an easy round menu bottom at the top to access other lighting options. Choose the right option, and then just a slide on the screen, you get different screen color.

The strobe for adjusting the flash timing is analog; you just have to adjust to your desired speed. What else do you want from a flashlight? This is one of the best android flashlight apps if not the best. If you need many options go for it!

Download Tiny  Flashlight + LED (Google App Store)

3, Brightest Flashlight (Free)

Brightest Flashlight (Free)

On the third spot, we got the Brightest Flashlight (Free) Android App. The screen is bright enough and could be used as a flashlight. There is an option to auto shut down the flash. You can choose between 2min, 10 min or even never shut down.

Most flashlights don’t have this feature, so this is one of the best parts of this android flashlight app. The sound is annoying though, but it can be turn off putting it in silent mode.  There are few setbacks. One of them is the annoying ad covering about ½ of the screen.

The setting bottom is not clearly visible when the screen is lilted up. On a sad note, you cannot adjust brightness intensity and it just does not have any flash option. This app though is simple and easy to use. It’s designed for lighting purpose only and it is the lightest Android flashlight app on Google play store.

So if you need a simple flashlight app, which you can turn on for a long walk or something else this app is a better option.

Download Brightest Flashlight – Free (Google App Store)

4, High Powered Flash

High Powered Torch

Another simplified android flashlight app. It does what it promises to do. This app has one of the best user interface design for the flashlight apps listed here. It’s the only one that comes with a built-in compass.

it shows you your bearing and that’s intuitive from the designer. Setting for flashing is from 1 – 10. 0 is the default torch setting. The 10th position is labeled as SOS.

The sad side of others still on the list is there is no possibility to decrease or increase the flash delay. Aside from that the high powered flashlight is very easy to use the app. The design is simple and pretty and no further setting option.

Download High Powered Flash – Free (Google App Store)

5, Brightest LED Flashlight

Brightest LED Flashlight

On the fifth spot for the best android flashlight app is the Brightest LED flashlight. This app is similar in design and functions to Super Bright LED flashlight on our top position here. It also has a strobe setting from 0 – 9.

The flashing intensity increases from 1 to 9. 0 is the default position for the light. The ad position is not intrusive. When Compared to Super Bright LED flashlight, it carries more setting. Though several times I try to adjust the setting it really did not save after restarting.  On a good note, the design is simple and serves its purpose.

Download Brightest LED Flashlight – Free (Google App Store)

As usual, most flashlight app tested were missing the possibility to keep the flashlight on after returning to the menu or simply put an opportunity to multitask. But what would you be doing with your mobile and your flashlight ON? In the future, I am looking forward to seeing an app with this feature.

So, make sure you install a flashlight app on your mobile if you don’t already have. You never know when it will come handy. It could be an emergency situation. It’s a necessary app people ignore.

Have you used any of this app? Which is the best android flashlight app you are using? What is your take?

Would love to get your feedback..!

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Photo Credit: Flashlight – AKA a torch by Daniel R. Blume