Bellicose buddhists

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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 08:46 am

Thai teachers take aim:

“When you pull the trigger, you’ve got to keep steady,” the instructor sternly told the elementary school teachers. “If your hand is shaking you can’t shoot.”

Teachers have one of the deadliest jobs in southern Thailand, with 44 killed by the bombs and bullets of an Islamic insurgency since 2004.

So the teachers are learning how to shoot back.

Teachers aren’t the only targets in this under-reported conflict. Some 1,700 Thais have been murdered over the past two years by Islamic terrorists. School principal Aree Aatomphrasangsa has a plan:

“A revolver is easy to carry and shoot,” explained Aree, a slight, bespectacled woman with a ponytail. “When I drive, I can hold the steering wheel with one hand and use the other hand to shoot.”

A woman driving? There’s your root cause, right there.

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