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Last updated on August 10th, 2017 at 10:18 am

CBS columnist Dotty Lynch goes all Beatlemania over “tall and proud” John Kerry:

Kerry may be reflecting a new boldness on the part of liberals to come out and say what they believeand to reclaim the moral high ground on patriotism.

So Kerry wasn’t saying what he believed when he ran for President. (Which was noticed at the time.) Good luck reclaiming the moral high ground, Senator Nancybike.

UPDATE. Another Bush opponent says what he thinks:

“It feels like a slap in the face having President Bush come here on Earth Day,” said Curtis Harding, 24, who grew up in St. Helena and lives in Sacramento. “I could go yell somewhere else, but people would think I’m crazy.”

Harding said Bush’s policies are harming the environment, and added that “when a bomb goes off, that has a huge, indirect effect on global warming.”

Especially when he bombs polar bears.

(Via Josh)

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