Bears finnished

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The top ten stupid criminals of 2007. Speaking of dumb, the LA Times recently revived 2007’s finest media/moonbat misunderstanding moment: the great BushSaddamMandela murder myth. Hey, what about them Finnish polar bears:

A story/video by the National Geographic gives the impression that polar bears are threatened in Finland because of climate change. Finland might be cold (or at least used to be), but it has never been known for its population of polar bears.

Seems there are only three, and they’re safely confined to a warmening-proof zoo. Nat Geo has since run a correction, but reader Ixnay suggests watching the video anyway: “The ‘experts’ interviewed (in hilarious broken English) are just regurgitating what they have heard elsewhere: that polar bears are somehow endangered because of the climate-thingy. In the mind of the interviewer, this becomes proof that Finnish polar bears are increasingly threatened. Do look, and laugh.”

Posted by Tim B. on 01/05/2008 at 10:08 AM
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