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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 05:10 am

Captain Ed notes some late-breaking poll shifts towards Republicans:

Tennessee: Bob Corker pulling away from Harold Ford

Missouri: Dead heat between Jim Talent and Claire McCaskill; both have had slight leads in the last few polls

Virginia: James Webb has dropped his five-point lead over George Allen, and it’s now a dead heat

Maryland: Michael Steele has pulled into a tie with Benjamin Cardin, despite the heavy Democratic Party registration advantage

Montana: Conrad Burns has come back from double-digit deficits to tie Jon Tester

Hit the Captain’s site for links within the above. Meanwhile, the New York Times predicts Republican doom:

The battle for Congress rolled into a climactic final weekend with Republican Party leaders saying the best outcome they could foresee was losing 12 seats in the House. But they were increasingly steeling themselves for the loss of at least 15 seats and therefore control of the House for the first time in 12 years.

Democrats and Republicans said the battle over the Senate had grown fluid going into the final hours before the elections Tuesday. Democrats said they thought they were almost certain to gain four or five seats and still had a shot at the six they need to take control.

Gonna be a lively week.

UPDATE. The SMH’s Paul McGeough:

Might a death sentence for Saddam save the Bush Republicans from a death sentence of their own when Americans vote in midterm elections tomorrow?

The probable answer is a resounding “No” … The most likely news that will keep the judges’ decision on the electoral radar in the US is an anticipated wave of insurgency attacks on American forces in Iraq, which will serve only to remind voters why they were planning to punish the US President, George Bush, in the first place.

McGeough seems quite upset at Saddam’s treatment, even before the old bastard learned of his “suspended sentence”:

We had all the drama of his arrest, when the 69-year-old fugitive was dragged ignominiously from a hole in the ground. Then there was the ousted dictator’s humiliating medical examination before the cameras of the world and – later – his demeaning arrival in chains in the cage-like dock in which he has starred for the last year in a Baghdad court.

Was he clean shaven, Paul?

UPDATE II. Further signs of a late shift towards the Republicans.

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