Band of brothers

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John Kerry once pledged: “I will have a Vice President who will not conduct secret meetings with polluters.” But what of Kerry’s own secret meetings?

We delivered weapons to the Khmer Rouge on the coastline of Cambodia.

Guess that explains why Kerry’s pet dog was named VC.

UPDATE. Oops! My mistake. It isn’t “Khmer Rouge�?; it’s Kymer Rouge, as Margo Kingston points out:

The rise of the Kymer Rouge was triggered by the American bombings.

At the same link, Kingston dissident Craig Gerrard asks:

Is Margo always this bitter and twisted? Did something happen at the weekend (a democratic election, for instance) to ruin her week?

Margo’s response:

The first Australian died in combat in Iraq.

Her grief is touching. Yet in 2003 Margo wrote:

We have invaded Iraq. Iraq, or its new allies, have every right to attack back.

Posted by Tim B. on 02/01/2005 at 07:55 AM
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