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Last updated on March 6th, 2018 at 12:31 am

The Guardian’s George Monbiot demands society’s complete restructuring:

Here is a plan for drastic but affordable action that the government could take …

Every citizen is given a free annual quota of carbon dioxide. He or she spends it by buying gas and electricity, petrol and train and plane tickets. If they run out, they must buy the rest from someone who has used less than his or her quota … Timescale: a full scheme in place by January 2009.

There’s much more, including a ban of “wasteful and unnecessary technologies” (incandescent lightbulbs, patio heaters, garden floodlights) and the reduction of airport landing slots by 90%. Monbiot’s conclusion:

If you believe that these are worse than mass death then there is something wrong with your value system.

Climate change is not just a moral question: it is the moral question of the 21st century. There is one position even more morally culpable than denial. That is to accept that it’s happening and that its results will be catastrophic, but to fail to take the measures needed to prevent it.

Monbiot is mistaken. There is one position even more morally culpable than failing to take preventative measures, and I’m proud to say it’s mine: encouraging the continued (and increased) consumption of fossil fuels. Don’t cry, George; you’ll ruin your makeup.

(Actually, that last paragraph from Monbiot isn’t quite the conclusion. Another line follows: “George Monbiot’s latest book is Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning.” No word from Central Controller Monbiot on the banning of useless books. By the way, Australia is holding firm against Kyoto.)

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