Australia v brazil

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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 12:14 pm

Game begins in a few minutes. Word on the street has it that Brazil is fairly handy at this soccer caper.

UPDATE. Failed goal attempts from both teams. Guus Hiddinck seems unimpressed by Ronaldinho’s hairdo.

UPDATE II. Corner to Australia. Misses everybody.

UPDATE III. Ronaldo is lying on the ground screaming. Penalty to Brazil. Misses. Shanked goal attempt from Australia. Yellow card to Brett Emerton for complaining. Another missed corner from Australia.

UPDATE IV. I know someone who once went to Brazil.

UPDATE V. Had her credit cards stolen.

UPDATE VI. Nice beaches, though.

UPDATE VII. Ronaldinho falls over trying to score a goal. Commentator is stunned. Another promising Australian goal shot missed.

UPDATE VIII. Smiling Cafu yellow-carded after Tim Cahill holds his leg and screams in terrible agony. Ronaldo draws the Yellow Card of Shame for scoring a goal when he wasn’t allowed to.

UPDATE IX. Ronaldo misses the ball while directly in front of goal. Despite this, Brazil appears to be gaining control. Yellow card to Jason Culina. Tony Popovic injured. Very close shot from Australia as the first half ends.

UPDATE X. Second half underway. GOOAAAALLLL to Brazil.

UPDATE XI. Two storming runs at goal from Australia. Kewell on. And almost instant success.

UPDATE XII. Australia attacking. No success as yet. Nice costume we’re wearing.

UPDATE XIII. You know what would make soccer more interesting? If the ball was made of burning magnesium. 72 minutes gone, Australia still one goal down.

UPDATE XIV. Word on the street was right; these Brazilian people play soccer really well. Ten minutes to go.

UPDATE XV. Man … closest goal chance yet to Australia. Landed on the top of the net.

UPDATE XVI. GOOAAALLLL walked in by Brazil. Australia down 2-0.

UPDATE XVII. Brazil wins 2-0.


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