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Webdiary’s latest financial report is in:

Income in September was $120 in donations, versus expenditure of $582.71.

Stick to the plan, lefties! Noam wasn’t built in a day. Successful Webdiary graduate Antony Loewenstein’s My Stupid Israel Book has meanwhile received a negative review from Tamas Pataki:

The writing is often slack and hasty, and wobbles under the effort of holding its citations together; there are sixty dense pages of footnotes. It wants careful editing: whole pages are chaotic mysteries. More seriously, the sympathy so evident for the Palestinians and their Arab neighbours is entirely withheld from the Israelis, who are (still) also victims: of history, of their own blind actions, of Palestinian hatred. Loewenstein barely mentions Palestinian atrocities, the suicide bombings targeting children, the mass murders and so on. He seems oblivious of the dynamics of fear and of the exigent obligations of a state to defend its citizens. He does not distinguish between those state measures that are intentionally oppressive of Palestinians and those that defend against terrorism. He swiftly passes over the vengeful Jew-hatred that has taken on a destructive and obstructive life of its own. There is no serious consideration of what a just, feasible solution to the wretched state of affairs in Israel and Palestine could look like: it may be too late for there to be one. Loewenstein has cast his story as the first act of a simple David (Palestine) and Goliath (Israel) morality tale, when really what it tells of is an unrelieved tragedy.

Intriguingly, despite the massive media attention paid to Loewenstein’s book, hits at his site have fallen to just 263 per day. Stop silencing him, you terrible people!

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