Attack without fear

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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 08:15 am

The Jamaica Gleaner’s Ian Boyne has a message for his fellow progressives:

Don’t tell me how freedom of speech is really restricted in the United States.

What we do know is that Chavez can go to the United States and make a fool of himself, say the most embarrassing (to himself) and clownish things, be undignified to the President of the United States and get coverage on all the networks and in all the leading newspapers of the ruling class. And he can go back to the United States and say even worse next year. If he had ever dared to say that about any revered Islamic leader in that leader’s country, or about any communist leader during the Cold War he might hardly have made it out of the country, let alone to go back.

Boyne concludes his wide-ranging column with: “Just as secular society won over the Jews and Christians, so we must fight the Muslims ideologically and legally in bringing them to their senses. We most not cower under their terror and intimidatory tactics. We must attack them and their religion without fear. And we must warn people about the dangers of adopting a religious faith which is totalitarian and disrespectful of people’s right to dissent.”

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