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Robert Fisk in 1999:

I had just arrived in the Middle Fast, more than 20 years ago, when I first saw, on television, the movie Ashanti. It starred Omar Sharif and Roger Moore and portrayed Arabs as slave-traders, murderers, child-molesters and sadists. The film was, said the credits, partly made on location in Israel.

Robert Fisk in 2003:

Why do they still show Ashanti, a potboiler about the Arab slave trade that portrays Arabs much as The Protocols portray Jews: as venal, child-molesting murderers? (We shall forget that the Lebanese-born actor Omar Sharif acts in this vile movie.)

Robert Fisk in 2004:

Even today, we still show the revolting Ashanti on our television stations, a feature film about the kidnapping of the wife of an English doctor by Arab slave-traders, which depicts Arabs as almost exclusively child-molesters, rapists, murderers, liars and thieves. It stars—heaven spare us—Michael Caine, Omar Sharif and Peter Ustinov and was made partly in Israel.

And Robert Fisk two days ago:

You only have to watch the Arab slave-trader film Ashanti, again filmed in Israel and starring Roger Moore and (of all people) Omar Sharif, to see Arabs portrayed, Nazi-style, as murderers, thieves and child molesters.

Has anyone besides Fisk actually seen this movie? (Note also that Fisk still hasn’t mentioned the 655,000 Iraqi deaths claimed by Lancet. He either doesn’t believe the figure, or he’s suppressing it.)

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