Appalling waste

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Endlessly frustrated by the stupidity of his fellow Australians—the morons didn’t even elect Mark Latham!—Alan Ramsey cites Ian Lowe’s disgust at our wastefulness:

One of the more startling bits of evidence Lowe offered of the appalling waste of energy by Australians was this: “Reducing waste is by far the cheapest way to reduce greenhouse pollution [by coal-fired electricity]. Did you know that more than 10 per cent of household electricity in this country is used keeping appliances like TVs and video players on standby?”

Those terrible idiots! Ramsey claims to be deeply concerned about “the paramount issue of the new century: the very survival of life on our planet” and agrees with Lowe’s view that we must “reduce global greenhouse pollution by about 60 per cent by the middle of this century.” Very well; let’s start with Ramsey’s paper, the Sydney Morning Herald. About 300,000 copies are published, freighted, and offered for sale every day, Monday-through-Saturday; but perhaps only two-thirds of that number are actually sold. Imagine all the energy used in producing up to thirty million papers every year that nobody buys. You want to talk about appalling waste, Ramsey?

UPDATE. Readers take issue with Ian Lowe.

Posted by Tim B. on 10/22/2005 at 11:18 AM
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