Apologise, jews!

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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 12:35 pm

This is almost too fantastic to believe:

Newspaper publisher Fairfax has angered the Jewish community by demanding an apology for criticism of its controversial cartoonist Michael Leunig.

Let’s see them first extract apologies from Fairfax columnists Richard Glover and Michael Gawenda, both of whom have recently criticised the duck-fixated manchild. Fairfax has no idea how to handle this.

Meanwhile, the pro-war blogger-columnist community—unfairly accused by Leunig of sending his crap cartoon to Iran—is still to receive even one email of regret from Australia’s McCathyite McToonist. We are not patient people, Mr. Leunig.

UPDATE. The confused Islamic Thinkers Society protests against Leunig, who now faces the combined opposition of Fairfax columnists, News Ltd. columnists, Jewsand Muslims:
No point praying for Osama now, Michael. Pray for yourself. Pray to the Paddock God!

(Via speedy commenters and Shawn Wasson, who has further images; RESPONSIBLE EDITORS MUST BE PUNISHED!)

UPDATE II. Naomi Wolf has been hanging out in Leunig’s paddock:

When one of the foremost feminists in the world, who is Jewish to boot, says she has met Jesus, the ultimate figure of Christianity and the redeemer of lost souls, it’s more than a little disconcerting.

Why? Was the Saviour wearing Earth tones?

UPDATE III. A Motoon massacre:

Approximately 10 Libyans were killed in clashes with police when they tried to storm an Italian consulate in Libya this morning in protests against Danish cartoons lampooning the Prophet Mohammad, Italian officials said.

So, we’ve got clowns in New York calling for Allah’s wrath to rain down on a cartoonist who would sooner eat live mice than insult Islam, and folks storming an Italian consulate because of images published in a Danish newspaper. These people are completely insane.

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