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Imre Salusinszky dukes it out with Radio National’s hostus interruptus Paul Barry and Major Michael Mori on the matter of David Hicks. Key quote from Major Mori: “I don’t see how he can be an anti-Semite.”

(Via eeniemeenie)

UPDATE. Name corrected in item above. Also, another Adelaide citizen finds himself in trouble:

An Australian citizen has been arrested by coalition forces in Iraq on suspicion of conspiring to commit terrorist acts.

Warya Kanie, 39, an Iraqi Kurd, came to Australia about three years ago with his young daughter as part of the humanitarian refugee program to join his three brothers, who were already living in Adelaide.

Mr Kanie, who had divorced his wife, was living in a housing trust apartment on unemployment benefits and receiving additional benefits as a single father …

Mr Kanie left Adelaide about seven months ago, after gaining Australian citizenship, telling his family that he was going to look for a new wife in Iraq.

But he allegedly told a friend that he was leaving Australian “to go on jihad”.

UPDATE II. Yet another Australian activist comes to light, following his de-activation:

A 25-year-old Australian man has been killed fighting in war-torn Somalia.

The man is thought to have been killed late last month during skirmishes with Ethiopian troops.
Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade yesterday confirmed the Muslim man from Melbourne had been killed …

“Our country is open to Muslims worldwide. Let them fight in Somalia and wage jihad,” the Islamists defence chief Yusuf Mohamed Siad Inda’ade said in late December.

Posted by Tim B. on 01/05/2007 at 06:40 PM
    1. Well, he didn’t manage to kill any that we know of, so I guess that could qualify as not being an anti-Semite.  In some people’s (cough) minds, anyway.

      Posted by RebeccaH on 2007 01 05 at 07:08 PM • permalink


    1. Following the ABC logic, shouldn’t the presenter have backed the dinky-di, true-blue Australian commentator against the American government employee? Or do only anti-semetic terrorists and drug smugglers qualify for unqualified support based on their nationality?

      Posted by AusDoug on 2007 01 05 at 07:10 PM • permalink


    1. Imre did not seem very prepared for that interview.  it might have been better if he could have listed the number of delays with respect to the trial brought about by the defense lawyers.  Who knows when he was asked to front up for the interview.

      Anyway, an amusing little interview in the Australian today with
      Sheik Feiz Mohamed.  I particulary liked this line:

      “I believe ASIO and the feds and the (NSW) counter-terrorism team question the wrong people. This has created a misconception for the rest of the community and this is not acceptable.”

      he is right of course.  Nobody is questioning the Presbyterians.

      Posted by entropy on 2007 01 05 at 07:22 PM • permalink


    1. “I don’t see how he can be an anti-Semite.”

      Lemme guess, this guy walks with a dog AND a cane, right?*

      *The statement above is in no way meant to reflect on those, so afflicted

      Posted by El Cid on 2007 01 05 at 07:32 PM • permalink


    1. He was only following orders

      Posted by missred on 2007 01 05 at 07:34 PM • permalink


    1. Is this the tortured logic Mori is employing:

      Hicks is a Muslim.
      Arabs are Muslims.
      Arabs are “Semites”.
      Therefore Hicks cannot be an “anti-Semite”, no matter how much he calls for “Death to the Jews!”

      Posted by Spiny Norman on 2007 01 05 at 07:40 PM • permalink


    1. #3 that article is the funniest thing i’ve read all week (except for tim’s fork in the rudd).  pity it wasn’t satire

      i guess mori hasn’t read ickle david’s letters to his father

      Posted by KK on 2007 01 05 at 08:25 PM • permalink


    1. Paul Sheehan, who wrote a reasonably balanced article on the Palestinians in last week’s Herald (for the Herald) has another article in this week.

      Key sentence:

      Had the US expended $300 billion on programs for educating Muslim women, instead of military adventuring in Iraq, the world would have been safer


      So we have to educate Muslim women, now? While billions in oil money goes to the madrassas, to ‘educate’ their men?

      That would be $300 billion straight down the toilet.

      Posted by JonathanH on 2007 01 05 at 08:40 PM • permalink


    1. Two minor points Tim: Imre seems to be “duking it out” not with major Mori but with the ABC presenter who is not Kerry O’Brien but Paul Murray from that pile of lefty crap they call AM.

      Posted by John Kane on 2007 01 05 at 09:19 PM • permalink


    1. It was Paul Barry

      Posted by Melanie on 2007 01 05 at 09:21 PM • permalink


    1. Paul Barry

      Posted by Melanie on 2007 01 05 at 09:22 PM • permalink


    1. Oops don’t know how I double posted.

      Posted by Melanie on 2007 01 05 at 09:24 PM • permalink


    1. Rebecca H

      Well, he didn’t manage to kill any that we know of, so I guess that could qualify as not being an anti-Semite.

      Oh, I don’t know. I think it makes him merely a failed anti-semite. Or perhaps one who, due to his training being temporarily interrupted, has become a bit rusty.

      Give the lad a second chance. I am sure after being released from Gitmo and offered a six figure salary by The Age and ABC, his anti-semitic credentials will improve immeasurably! I am sure Antony Loewenstein and Margo Kingston could also find uses for him 😉

      Posted by viva peace on 2007 01 05 at 09:24 PM • permalink


    1. Fixed! It WAS Barry, of course.

      As for when Imre was invited to the show – I think it was the day before the broadcast. RN first invited me (and gave a week’s notice) but I’m too busy at the moment. Besides which, I knew it would be a two-against-one deal.

      Posted by Tim B. on 2007 01 05 at 10:15 PM • permalink


    1. Hasn’t Major Mori read any of the letters David wrote to his Dad going on about Jews?

      Posted by Young and Free on 2007 01 05 at 10:19 PM • permalink


    1. “His task in life is to end the jewish domination of the western institutions!”
      Sounds a really good cause for most of the ABC and SBS and the Melbourne cafe latte liberals.
      Remember when wimbledon winner Angela Mortimer was refused membership to Wimbledon tennis club.
      Ah the Nostalgia of the good old days.

      Posted by davo on 2007 01 05 at 10:22 PM • permalink


    1. Don’t arrest them – rule 303 should apply.

      Posted by anthony_r on 2007 01 05 at 11:10 PM • permalink


    1. A relatively good day for the Australian taxpayer. Ethiopian troops have removed a Religion of Peace disciple from Adelaide’s welfare rolls,23739,21017959-953,00.html

      Posted by Phranger on 2007 01 05 at 11:21 PM • permalink


    1. #17

      rule 303 should apply

      It was repealed. Rule .223 now takes its place.

      Posted by Dan Lewis on 2007 01 05 at 11:41 PM • permalink


    1. Had a chuckle when I read the 1976 cabinet papers regarding the immigration of Lebonese refugees to Australia. Warnings by people who were in the know about the suitability of some the candidates, regarding education, and whether some were criminals etc. Malcolm (my good friend Robert Mugabe) Fraser ignored the warnings back then. So today we reap what we sow. Now we find an Ethiopian Muslem referred to as Australian has been killed. I thought it was illegal for any Australian to be recruited or to sign up for mililtary service with a foreign military. No doubt about it, our politicians will do anything to be ‘stylish’, regardless of the consequences down the line. In no way does this reflect on immigrants or refugees who have come here and have achieved and contributed so much.

      Posted by BJM on 2007 01 05 at 11:43 PM • permalink


    1. Seems Fraser was indeed Australia’s Jimmy Carter. Both from farming stock, such uberliberalism, you would’nt expect from those who are close to the land.
      Anyone who takes up arms for a foreign army, should only do so with the approval of the Australian government.

      Posted by davo on 2007 01 06 at 12:02 AM • permalink


    1. I note that Forkin Rudd has demanded that the Australian arrested in Iraq on suspicion of conspiring to commit terrorist acts should be given the full support of the Federal Government.  He says that “..That’s partly why we pay our taxes, to make sure that when you’re overseas at any given time you run into trouble with the law or other sorts of trouble, that there are appropriate levels of Australian Government support abroad…’’ Somewhat ironic seeing that the person in question is unlikely to have ever paid taxes.

      Posted by dodgybob on 2007 01 06 at 12:18 AM • permalink


    1. “He didn’t kill anyone” so that makes it ok.  The Arsehole was a traitor to humanity and would have killed first chance, what did he do when he was fighting in Bosnia.  It would be interesting to find out what his form in that theatre of terrorism was like.

      Posted by Howzat on 2007 01 06 at 12:33 AM • permalink


    1. Just an idle thought (as befits a Saturday afternoon without a Test match);
      How come lawyer Major Mori, USMC, is still only a Major after all these years of defending lil’ Mahomed Dawood?

      Bad career move?

      Posted by Pedro the Ignorant on 2007 01 06 at 12:37 AM • permalink


    1. Why not hand him over to the Indians for spying out targets when he was with the (name escapes me) mob who were fighting in Bangladesh/Kashmir?

      Problem solved. No more Mo Dawood.

      Posted by thefrollickingmole on 2007 01 06 at 12:38 AM • permalink


    1. I’m pretty certain the conversation went like this. It’s not absolutely clear because it was right at the end of the interview and the Major got a little, um, shrill.

      Mori: I can’t see how he could be an antisemite because his civilian lawyer in the US is a Jew.

      Imre: That’s a stretch.

      Mori: Huh, it’s not a stretch …

      Gevalt. If they ever catch Binliner alive all he has to do is hire a Jewish lawyer and the whole case starts to fall apart. Perhaps there would have been no stretch for Saddam either.

      Posted by geoff on 2007 01 06 at 12:49 AM • permalink


    1. #12

      You actually triple posted 😉

      Posted by The Best Infidel on 2007 01 06 at 02:00 AM • permalink


    1. I guess Hicks could argue with his Taliban terrorist leaders, that he would love to join the Taliban but wanted to retain his love of Jews.

      I am sure the Taliban would understand that one. Bin Laden too.

      Posted by The Best Infidel on 2007 01 06 at 02:03 AM • permalink


    1. The U.S Gov should ship Dawood Hicks to Somalia.
      He can indulge his jihadi fantasies and the Somali Gov can shoot him without trial.
      It’s a win/win deal!

      Posted by Squiffy on 2007 01 06 at 02:15 AM • permalink


    1. Bright and shiney example of the “moderate muslim”.

      There are good and decent folk that are muslim, and they’re standing up full force against jihad and taking great risk in doing so.

      All those sitting on their thumbs just havent gotten off their asses and gone jihad yet. As soon as it seems a bit safer to go killing infidel, they’ll come swarming out of the wood work.

      Posted by Grimmy on 2007 01 06 at 03:33 AM • permalink


    1. OT but related. A spot of antidhimmitude from Londonistan of all places!
      Muslim found guilty of soliciting murder during protests outside the Danish embassy last year.

      This’ll set the cat amongst the uncovered meat.

      Cue wailing and gnashing of teeth in 5…4…3…

      Posted by Nilknarf Arbed on 2007 01 06 at 04:22 AM • permalink


    1. Mohd Daoud loves Jews.  ‘Cos of him we shan’t expect anymore Australian traitors citizens who want to kill jews to be taken prisoner in the future.  And that can only be good for jews.  See, he loves jews.

      Posted by EvilK on 2007 01 06 at 04:33 AM • permalink


    1. “Our country is open to Muslims worldwide. Let them fight in Somalia and wage jihad,” the Islamists defence chief Yusuf Mohamed Siad Inda’ade said in late December.
      Oh please oh please oh please.  They got rid of the Presbyterians there over ten years ago leaving only the peaceful people and oh look what a coincidence…Santa the old codger must be going dyslexic and left us some carpet bombs for Christmas.  All I asked for was a twelve inch pianist.

      Posted by EvilK on 2007 01 06 at 04:35 AM • permalink


    1. #30 Last sentence.  Grimmy, you must be a historian.

      Posted by EvilK on 2007 01 06 at 04:36 AM • permalink


    1. Salusinszky is correct to say that the hand-wringing over Hicks is part of the political left’s long-standing anti-american obsession and, I would add, its sympathy with anti-western politics of Islamists.

      He is on shakier ground when he agrees that Hicks is entitled to a ordinary criminal trial.  The man is a prisoner of war – not even that because he never wore a uniform – not an alleged criminal.  He should be kept off the battlefield and as much intelligence gathered from him as possible until the duration or such time as military authorities deem it fit to release him or try him.

      When enemies plot to destroy us we do not presume them ‘innocent’ and assemble armies of lawyers to defend them.  We aim first to kill them.  After that they are entitled to humane treatment, no more.

      My concern, and Salusinszky’s, is for the victims of Hick’s hatred.  This creature declared war on his country of birth, affirmed his contempt for its institutions and freedoms and now finds it not-so-mysteriously convenient to invoke them to save his own contemptible skin.

      He is an adult who made a considered choice to fight in foreign armies against the troops of his own country and its allies.  If that is not what a traitor is, then Lord Haw Haw stands on equal ground with Winston Churchill.  Resort to the courts is offered to alleged criminals.  Hicks has not attained that dignity.

      Sidenote: in typical ABC fashion, Paul Barry ensures that the debate is a fraud by weighing in on one side and hen-pecking the ‘guest enemy’ and then has the cheek to expect Salusinszky to be grateful that he was invited on THEIR ABC in the first place.  God, give me strength.

      Posted by Inurbanus on 2007 01 06 at 05:27 AM • permalink


    1. Grimmy. That’s bullshit. At this juncture ALL Muslims are the awoved enemies of any Judeo-Christian societies. If they affirm that they don’t wish your immediate destruction, they’re lying.

      Posted by CB on 2007 01 06 at 05:36 AM • permalink


    1. Luckily this guy was killed – between him and M. Dawood, Marilyn would have been in a quandary over who to fellate first…

      Posted by der FRED on 2007 01 06 at 05:52 AM • permalink


    1. #36, CB:

      I disagree. There are muslims, arab and non arab that risk their lives and their families lives in standing up against the jihadi. They are not moderates though. They are activly opposed to the islamists and have chosen to stand with the west.

      All those that claim “moderate” status can be assumed to be either covertly assisting the jihad or just not quite ready to step up to join the jihad yet.

      There is no middle in this fight but there are those on our side.

      Posted by Grimmy on 2007 01 06 at 06:03 AM • permalink


    1. I wonder how the ABC would react if one of the IDF soldiers kidnapped by Hezbollah was an Australian citizen?

      I suspect we would be deafened by the silence…

      Posted by mr creosote on 2007 01 06 at 06:47 AM • permalink


    1. dude, if they stand with western ideals, they ain’t Muslims of the Koran.

      Any who says otherwise is seriously conflicted.

      Posted by CB on 2007 01 06 at 06:52 AM • permalink


    1. Why are we still referring to this guy as “David Hicks”?

      He’s taken a new name – respect his decision.

      How many people run around going, “Cassius Clay looks terrible with parkinsons”.

      Do we call married women by their maiden name if they have decided to adopt their husbands name?  No.

      Please let us banish “David Hicks” from this blog forever.

      A conspiracy theorist would say that his anglo name is being used by the media in order to soften us up.  “Dave” sounds like a nice, down to earth white guy from the surburbs.  Wouldn’t hurt a fly.  Mohammed Dawood sounds like a nutter that wants to kill us all.  The defence is muchly aided by sticking with the harmless sounding handle.

      Posted by mr creosote on 2007 01 06 at 07:01 AM • permalink


    1. #40, CB:

      dude, if they stand with western ideals, they ain’t Muslims of the Koran.

      Any who says otherwise is seriously conflicted.

      I don’t necessarily disagree with that statement, for what it’s worth, if anything.

      I do believe that for so long as the koran is allowed to remain recognized as legitimate, we’ll have jihad and islamism reborn again and again, just as has been the case for so many cycles these last 1000 years.

      But, in the meantime, there are those that risk all to help us, maybe they’re on the fence and wobbling toward conversion, or maybe they just don’t want to live like 7th century animals. For what ever reason, we’ve got some few helping our side.

      The greater majority though,… Neanderthals. Historians of the future will create myth and legend to explain just why they had to go away.

      Posted by Grimmy on 2007 01 06 at 07:19 AM • permalink


    1. #39 mr creosote- from the recent israeli- hezbollah crisis

      ‘Assaf Namer was an Israeli-Australian dual citizen fighting in the Israeli Army, and one of eight soldiers killed in a battle between Israeli troops and Hezbollah militants on Wednesday.’ (AM)

      ‘While it might seem like a strange choice, Asaf was just one of many Jewish Australians who want to support the state of Israel’ (JJJ)

      (yet it’s perfectly normal to assume any muslim from anywhere will be outraged if the west acts in self defence)

      in the relatively few stories the abc did on this he is consistentlty referred to as a ‘dual national/citizen’

      during the same conflict there was much fuss and very many stories about evacuating arabs with australian passports from Lebanon who are just as consitently referred to simply as ‘australians’

      says it all really

      Posted by eeniemeenie on 2007 01 06 at 07:38 AM • permalink


    1. #43 – eeniemeenie – I remember that story well.  I went to school (a very Anglican school at that) with a bloke who popped off to Israel to do his bit when we all went to uni.  I don’t think anyone considered him an Israeli-Australian or a Jewish-Australian.  There was no hypen.  He was just Australian, and he happened to be Jewish, and he thought it would be the right thing to do to do the conscription thing.

      Instead of this – “While it might seem like a strange choice, Asaf was just one of many Jewish Australians who want to support the state of Israel”, I think he thought it was perfectly natural to make sure his mob were properly defended, given that lots of nations have tried to bump them off in the recent past.

      I never saw his choice as strange.  I thought at the time that he was nuts as the IDF sounded like a very tough gig, and going to toga parties every week was much more attractive.

      Typical of JJJ – they love having it both ways.  It’s a good thing my radio is tightly fixed to the dash – there have been plenty of times when I have wanted to rip it out and toss it out the window whilst listening to their “news” and “current affairs”.

      Posted by mr creosote on 2007 01 06 at 08:23 AM • permalink


    1. #26

      Mori: I can’t see how he could be an antisemite because his civilian lawyer in the US is a Jew.

      He’s an antisemite. Not an idiot. Who would you want defending you? Irfan Yusuf or Alan Dershowitz?

      Posted by Dan Lewis on 2007 01 06 at 08:38 AM • permalink


    1. Does the ABC have transcripts to read anymore or have they gone flat out with podcasting?
      I much prefer reading as its more difficult to make a mistake when listening. (AND IM HALF DEAF ANYWAY)

      Posted by thefrollickingmole on 2007 01 06 at 08:59 AM • permalink


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