Anti-semite of the year

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Fairfax columnist Alex Mitchell in yesterday’s Sun-Herald (no link available):

Sixty years ago, if David Hicks was a POW in a Japanese or German concentration camp, we’d consider him a war hero.

Given Hicks’ hatred of Jews, it’s easier to imagine him running a German concentration camp than being imprisoned in one. It gets worse:

For his refusal to grovel to his jailers at Guantanamo and his unbreakable spirit, Hicks should receive nominations from all over the country to become this year’s Australian of the Year.

“Unbreakable spirit”, eh? The worthless punk has already quit his religion and renounced his former opposition to the West; a pillowcase is more fold-resistant.

Which is largely beside the point. What we have here is a senior journalist at a mainstream newspaper announcing that his choice as the finest Australian of the year is a maniac who joined an armed mission to end “Western-Jewish domination”. And still Mitchell isn’t finished:

Let’s hope that servicemen and women and people of goodwill send in entries to bring him home in glory from the illegal gulag of the fanatical idiocy of the Bush Administration.

Here’s another line from the chap whom Mitchell would bring home in glory:

If I do meet fate this is called martyrdom . . . the highest position in heaven is to go fighting in the way of God against the friends of Satan.

What was that about “fanatical idiocy”, Alex?

(Send a note to Mr Mitchell:

UPDATE. From Mitchell’s previous column:

Take a bow, writer and journalist Antony Loewenstein. He’s written My Israel Question, to be published next month by Melbourne University Press headed by Louise Adler. It is the book every serious-minded Australian has been waiting to read and details the mechanics of Israel’s relentless propaganda war to demonise the internationally backed claims of the Palestinian people.

You can see why Fairfax keeps this guy off the net.

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