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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 02:56 pm

Queensland wins! Not a single fatality is reported following Cyclone Larry, one of the largest storms to hit Australia in decades. Considering the destruction, it’s almost a miracle:

* One in three houses in the region now roofless;

* Half of the houses and buildings in Innisfail subject to “major damage”;

* Some 30 people injured;

* 80% of homes and all crops in Babinda damaged.

* 200,000 tonnes of bananas worth $300 million destroyed;

* 4000 people out of work;

* More than 120,000 homes without electricity;

* Major highways blocked;

* Flood warnings still in force from Innisfail to Townsville.

Pictures of the damage here and here. A second cyclone has formed in Larry’s wake but isn’t worth worrying about at present. Meanwhile Larry is slumping through inland Queensland like a spent heavyweight:
All peaceful now in areas earlier hit. Good overview from the Courier-Mail. Much thanks to everyone in comments below for continual news and updates throughout the day.

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