Adhesive failure

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A less-than-freezy winter in Atlanta; surely something to do with global warming? Let’s hear from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Mike Toner:

Global warming it’s not.

Someone tell New Jersey, currently under warming bombardment. Meanwhile, Spaceship Earth has been destroyed:

An artist who hoped to stir debate over global warming with his 175-ton quartzite and bronze sculpture “Spaceship Earth” is instead struggling to solve the mystery of its spectacular crash at Kennesaw State University last week.

Questions abound over whether vandals destroyed the sculpture, made by a Finnish-born artist known as Eino, or whether a combination of substandard adhesive and rain caused it to crumble in the middle of the night on Dec. 29 in a collapse the campus police said they felt from their offices around the corner.

But there’s an upside:

Some see the destruction as symbolic of the need to care for the fragile earth.

Professor Wassmuth, in fact, said it might be interesting to leave the sculpture as it is as a reminder “that if we don’t take care of this planet soon, it’s going to fall apart, just like this.”

Note to the planet: use a better-quality adhesive. Over in the UK, the minister for climate change is being slapped around by colleagues for condemning air travel:

A senior official in the environment department said Mr Pearson had been told: “Get back in your box and stay there.”

“We want to be at the centre of government decision-making not an arm of Greenpeace.”

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