Act medical, think global

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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 12:53 pm

Got a rash? Consult a climatologist. Alternatively, if you’re worried about global warming, go talk to a doctor:

Doctors should take the lead in Australia’s fight against global warming by informing the nation about the health consequences of climate change, a new report urges.

Climate change is now widely acknowledged as the greatest environmental threat that human civilisation faces.

Epidemiologist Rosalie Woodruff, from the Australian National University, said if global average temperatures increased above two degrees, agricultural yields would fail, several billion people would experience increased water stress and hundreds of millions of others may go hungry.

Also, polar bears will drown. So will penguins. And, for all I know, yetis and krill.

Richard Kefford, co-author and professor of medicine at Sydney University’s Westmead Hospital, said doctors should take a lead in this push for prevention of climate change …

“Doctors did this successfully in response to the threat of nuclear annihilation in the 1980s and we can do it again.”

I visited doctors several times during the 1980s, and am unable to recall being once informed of my impending death via war-delivered radiation.

(Via J.F. Beck)

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